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    Garage Door cable Repair

    Aside from its springs, cables are one of the most important parts of the garage door.

    In fact, when they come loose from the drums, the door will stop working.

    Since they are in constant motion, it makes them vulnerable to wearing out and becoming loose.

    Once these cables loosen up, the door might get stuck or hang halfway with a bunch of cables tangled around the drums.

    Cables can be reset or replaced, but many fail to figure out why the cables got damaged in the first place.

    Failure to diagnose the broken cables immediately may lead to recurring malfunctions, posing more risks and inconvenience to the garage door owner.

    To prevent this from happening, regular maintenance should be conducted.

    This ensures that the cables are intact and in good shape.

    However, if the damage is already present, getting professional help is highly recommended.

    Dealing with springs and cables are very dangerous.

    Thus, doing a manual garage door repair is not ideal.

    Before considering a garage door cable repair, it is essential to conduct early troubleshooting.

    Check out some of the reasons why cables get damaged and when to consider a repair:

    Obstructions upon closing the door

    This is probably the most known reason why cables slip off from drums.

    There are many times when people become careless and leave objects along the opening of the garage door.

    Some common obstructions left on the opening of a garage door include vehicle bumpers, tools, and chairs.

    Not only do these things put the garage door at risk, but it also loosens the cables.

    Moreover, frequent exposure to blockages may lead to severe damage.

    To prevent serious damages, always make sure to get rid of anything that may block the garage door from closing.

    If there are damaged cables upon inspection, attempting to fix them manually is not recommended as this can be very risky when done without a professional’s supervision.

    Thus, it is safer and more convenient to call a specialist for help.

    Excessive force when operating the door

    Most of the garage doors these days operate on an automatic garage door motor, but there are some which use a garage door that needs to be opened manually.

    Some people who own automatic garage doors also use excessive force when the door refuses to close properly or when there is evident damage to the door.

    This may cause some serious harm to the door.

    The worst possible thing that could happen is damage to the cables.

    Frequent exposure to extreme force may dislocate the cables and may snap in no time.

    In the case where the cables are already damaged, do not attempt to do manual garage door cable repair as this could cause accidents.

    For more convenience and a safer transaction, call a professional for further inspection.


    Residential garage doors are usually exposed to a controlled climate.

    There are other types of garage doors exposed to a damp environment, especially those found in agricultural buildings and car washes.

    In these cases, the cables are vulnerable to corrosion as it is regularly exposed to moisture.

    Since cables are made out of metals, interaction with moisture will lead to rust.

    This can weaken the cables of the door, and it could lead to less effectiveness.

    It could also weaken the cables, potentially causing them to malfunction.

    To prevent this problem from occurring, the cables should be monitored on a monthly basis.

    Any rusty and faulty cable should be replaced with a zinc aluminum-coated cable built to resist moisture.

    Contact an expert for cable replacement.

    For a garage door cable repair, Dallas Garage Door Tech is the way to go.

    Once we figure out what is wrong with our garage doors, it is important to act right away so our doors can function properly again.

    One may resort to manual repair right away, but this can impose a lot of risks and possible injuries.

    Calling for professional help is not only convenient, but it also ensures a safe and faster transaction.

    For a garage door repair in Dallas, call Dallas Garage Door Tech now!

    With its excellent repairs and other garage door services, the damage will be gone in no time.

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