Garage Door Spring Replacement

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    Garage Door Spring Replacement

    Need To Replace Your Garage Door Spring?

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    Garage doors have been used a lot in households and business establishments.

    They are known to provide excellent security for various buildings and even weather protection for the things stored inside the garage.

    We all value our security, and for more convenience and protection, getting a garage door installed is a great idea.

    However, just like most types of machinery, it can also be vulnerable to damage, especially its springs.

    Along with the garage door opener, garage door springs are one of its most essential parts.

    Damage to it may cause the entire system to fail.

    Since we only want the best for our garage doors, it is crucial to conduct regular maintenance.

    However, if the problem persists, perhaps it is time to get professional help for a garage door repair.

    When it comes to garage door springs, doing it alone could be very risky as it is always under tension.

    Thus, calling a specialist would be ideal.

    Most of its damages require a replacement, but before considering a garage door spring replacement, it is important to do some early troubleshooting first.

    Check out some of these common problems with garage door springs and when to consider getting them replaced.

    The door makes a squeaking noise

    This issue is one of the most typical ones experienced by garage door owners.

    Although it is not as concerning, it can still be very annoying to hear squeaky noises every time the door is being used.

    Usually, this should be fixed by lubing up the garage door springs.

    It can be very messy to oil the springs up, but this is part of owning a garage door.

    Lubrication should be done every six months to make sure that it will not make noises anymore.

    It would be ideal to clean the springs first before lubing it up to get rid of any excess dirt that has formed in the springs.

    If this solves the problem, a garage door spring replacement will not be needed.

    If the problem persists, call an expert for more information.

    The door does not stay up

    One of the springs’ tasks is to do all of the liftings when the door is being opened or closed.

    When the door seems to be acting differently, there might be some problems with the springs.

    To check, observe the door when it is opening or closing.

    If the door refuses to stay up, there might be something wrong with the tension of the springs.

    If it only opens for a few inches, then the spring could be broken.

    There are several ways to replace a spring manually, but working with big and heavy springs is very dangerous.

    Precautionary measures should be observed, but calling for professional help would be highly recommended.

    Not only is it the safer choice, but specialists can fix the problem faster than doing it alone.

    The door opens very slowly

    Garage doors do not open right away, but it also does not take a few minutes for them to open up.

    If the door takes a few moments to work, there might be something wrong with the spring tension.

    Springs tend to stretch over time, depending on how regularly it is used, which results in the door’s poor performance.

    This should be fixed right away by tightening the spring again, but one should never attempt to do the process alone.

    The garage door springs are under heavy tension.

    If it gets tightened too much, it may cause severe injuries to the one operating.

    For a safer and more convenient transaction, calling a specialist would be ideal.

    If replacing the springs does not solve the problem, it might be time to consider a garage door motor repair.

    For outstanding repair services, call Dallas Garage Door Tech!

    There is a repeated recommendation when it comes to garage door repair: always leave it to the professionals.

    Doing a garage door spring replacement is not only dangerous, but it can also be installed in the wrong way when done by a non-professional.

    We only want the best for our garage doors, so it is important to get only the best services.

    For the best repairs and other garage door services, call Dallas Garage Door Tech now!

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