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    Warehouse Garage Door Repair & Installation

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    Commercial garage doors have been popular in the business setting for quite some time now.

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    Business owners use these to protect the establishment’s possessions and to prevent possible robbery.

    Among its other features include insulation, durability, weather protection, and convenience.

    One example of a commercial garage door is the warehouse door.

    Just like any other business establishment, a warehouse needs maximum to protect the possessions stored in there.

    Since it is an important piece of machinery and is frequently used, it may get damaged over time.

    When that happens, it may endanger the entire warehouse and its possessions.

    Some minor damages can be fixed manually, but there are some that require the attention of a professional.

    The process of a warehouse garage door repair and installation might be hazardous when done manually, so leaving it in the hands of a specialist would ensure safety and convenience.

    For early troubleshooting, here are some ways to fix common problems with warehouse garage doors:

    The door is stuck

    A door that will not open or close may indicate a series of problems.

    If the door is an automatic type, make sure that the warehouse itself has power.

    It is also essential to check whether the remote’s batteries are working and the garage door sensors are not blocked by anything.

    Any obstruction on the path of the sensors may prevent the door from doing its job properly.

    Once these simple troubleshooting tips have been done and the door will still not budge, the torsion springs may be damaged, or there could be a problem with the garage door motor.

    Depending on the warehouse door’s design, it may need some professional help.

    Some parts of the door might need a replacement, so it would be ideal to call a specialist when this problem occurs.

    Calling a professional is the safest way to ensure a proper warehouse garage door repair and installation.

    The door is out of its tracks

    There are many reasons why the door may go out of its tracks, and not fixing misaligned tracks right away may lead to more severe issues.

    Some reasons for a track slip-up include not doing regular maintenance and obstruction that could have dislocated the tracks.

    To prevent this issue, it would be best to conduct regular maintenance for the garage door to lengthen its life and to ensure that it will function properly.

    Whether the damage is minor or not, trying to fix the problem manually may cause more issues.

    This may lead to further damage, so it is highly recommended to get a professional’s assistance.

    Aside from being complicated, a commercial garage door repair has a lot of risks that may lead to serious accidents.

    Our safety should come first before anything else, so call an expert instead of doing it alone.

    Water leakage

    Weather can also be hazardous to garage doors.

    If the warehouse is located in an area where it frequently rains, it is not unusual to experience some water leaks from time to time.

    Additionally, prolonged exposure to water leakage could harm the equipment and possessions inside the warehouse.

    Unlike the previous issues, this one does not cause a lot of worries, and it can be solved through a simple fix.

    If the water is leaking from under the garage door, then the weather seal might need a replacement.

    This can be done right away since it does not require the supervision of a professional.

    If the weather seal is still in shape upon checking, then it could mean that the door was not closed all the way down.

    This could indicate that the door is out of its tracks, and in this case, calling a professional would be ideal.

    Call Dallas Garage Door Tech for excellent repair services!

    When it comes to warehouse garage door repair and installation, going through the process alone can be very dangerous.

    We want to fix our garage doors as soon as possible, but our safety should always come first.

    In that case, contacting an expert would be very convenient.

    For your garage door needs and more, call Dallas Garage Door Tech now to get your warehouse door working again in no time.

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