Garage Door Motor Repair & Installation

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    Garage Door Motor Repair & Installation

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    Garage doors have been widely known for their various functions, especially their safety and protective features.

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    Thus, it is essential to make sure it is working properly to assure the property’s safety and other personal possessions that may be in the garage.

    However, damages cannot be avoided.

    There will come a time where the garage door will be worn out due to many factors, which may greatly impact its functionality.

    If the door does not open and close properly, the house will become more vulnerable to hazards that may cause unwanted happenings to the residents of the house.

    Although most damages can be fixed manually, some require the attention of a professional as these issues could need careful handling, and doing it alone may be dangerous.

    This is especially true when it comes to garage door motor repair and installation.

    Calling a professional will ensure that the process is done safely and correctly.

    However, it is important to figure out the issue first before calling for help.

    Check out some common garage door motor issues and how they can be fixed:

    The remote and switch cannot open the door

    Equipped with a remote control or a switch, most of today’s garage doors operate automatically.

    These offer a lot of convenience for the operator as garage doors are heavy, and lifting them alone can be risky.

    If there seems to be a problem with any other electric connections in the garage aside from the door’s remote and switch, the root of the problem is most likely its power source.

    The GFCI, fuse, or circuit breaker that operates the door might have burned out, causing it to malfunction.

    There might be a short circuit somewhere in the garage door motor itself.

    To fix this issue, resetting the breaker or replacing the damaged fuse will have the door functioning again in no time.

    An unplugged motor unit could also be a possible reason.

    Always make sure that the door opener’s cord is plugged all the way in, and then check if the remote or switch works again.

    Another possible issue could be within the opener or motor itself.

    In this case, call a specialist for a garage door repair.

    The door cannot be closed completely

    Unlike the previous issue, this one might cause more worries as the safety of the property is put at stake.

    If the garage door refuses to completely close, the close-limit switch might need to be adjusted.

    A close-limit switch tells the door when to stop running.

    When it is not set properly, it may prevent the door from closing, and it may also cause the opener to pull back up if there is an attempt to close the door.

    Sometimes, the problem is also caused by worn-out rollers, which may need replacement, depending on how damaged it is.

    The rollers may also need some lubrication to make them work properly.

    If the issue seems to be more than just a lubrication problem, it may be time to call for an expert.

    The motor does not stop running

    This problem may be unusual, but it can still happen.

    This issue is very rare, and if it happens, it is usually detected at the early stages of the installation process.

    When this problem occurs, there might be a problem with the up-limit switch.

    It should be fixed by moving the switch away from the motor unit.

    However, if the problem persists, there might be some severe problems within the motor itself.

    It would be ideal to call for a service person for further inspection.

    Calling for professional help is the most convenient way to go, and it will ensure proper garage door motor repair and installation.

    For the best garage door motor repair and installation services, call Dallas Garage Door Tech

    Several ways can be found online on how to repair and install a garage door manually.

    However, the process of garage door installation and repair can lead to serious issues and possible injuries when done alone.

    Since we want only the best for our family and belongings, it is essential to ensure our garage doors’ quality and functionality.

    When problems occur, Dallas Garage Door Tech has the best garage door solutions in the area.

    Don’t wait for the problem to worsen.

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