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    Garage Door Opener Repair & Installation

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    Garage doors play an important part in keeping our homes safe.

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    The same goes with a commercial garage door in a business setting; it provides good security for its establishment and possessions.

    It should be able to function properly at all times since it is also an essential part of our house and business establishments.

    Hence, conducting regular maintenance is critical to ensure that there are no damages.

    However, accidents cannot be avoided.

    It can also be vulnerable to damages that are caused by various reasons.

    One of the most common issues faced by garage door owners is a faulty garage door opener.

    When the door refuses to open or close, this may cause a lot of worries.

    This could be significant damage, so an immediate garage door opener repair and installation might be required.

    Here are some reasons why the garage door refuses to open or close and how it can be solved.

    The sensor is blocked

    Most modern garage doors come with a sensor, or a “photo-eye,” which detects any obstructions along the door’s path.

    It prevents the door from accidentally shutting on people or things.

    It shoots a laser across the garage’s length, and if blocked, it cuts off the signal that enables your door to raise itself and close.

    Before operating the garage door, ensure that there are no blockages along its path.

    Check if there are no damages to the sensor as exposure to rain and leakage may cause it to malfunction.

    Dirt and dust can also accumulate on the sensor, which may also create some malfunctions.

    Cleaning the sensor with a soft cloth can solve the issue, but there might be a more serious problem if it still refuses to open.

    If this is the case, it might be time to consider a garage door repair.

    The power source is disrupted

    Garage doors are usually automatic, but there are times when we forget to plug in our power source.

    It sounds silly, but it can possibly happen, especially when we have other priorities more important than a garage door.

    A disrupted power source can be one reason why the garage door refuses to open or close.

    In this case, check if the garage door opener is plugged in.

    If it is, but it still refuses to do its job, check if the power outlet is working.

    The GFCI, fuse, and circuit breaker should also be checked if they are still working correctly or if there are any damages.

    If none of these solve the problem, an immediate repair should be done.

    There are several ways to fix the machinery alone, but doing this could pose a risk to you and your door.

    The process of a garage door opener repair and installation is complicated, and it needs the supervision of a specialist.

    Some cables have snapped

    With regular usage, it is not unusual for the door’s cables to come off easily.

    Cables wear out over time, so it is important to check if it is still in good shape.

    When a torsion spring is damaged, the garage door cable will split along with it.

    In worst-case scenarios, cables that have snapped will cause severe damage to anything along its way.

    This can also cause injuries if a person happens to be in the way when the cable broke down.

    If this happens, do not attempt to open the door.

    Do not try to fix it alone, as this could cause more damage and injury.

    When this occurs, call a professional immediately for a cable replacement.

    Call Dallas Garage Door Tech!

    With a simple search on the Internet, we can already find thousands of tutorial videos on garage door installation.

    However, the process is complicated and dangerous.

    Thus, leaving it to the hands of a professional is the best way to go.

    Not only is it convenient to get a specialist to do all of the work, but this also ensures that the door is repaired properly.

    This would also prevent the same problem from happening again.

    When it comes to garage door opener repair and installation, we might just have the best recommendation in town.

    For excellent garage door repair in Dallas, contact Dallas Garage Door Tech now!

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