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    Affordable Garage Door Services

    Thinking about heading to Dallas Garage Door Tech for affordable garage door services?

    For garage door repair in Dallas, you’ve come to the right place.

    We offer various services for brand new and previously installed garage doors, from garage door repair to garage door installation and more.

    Our services are vast, affordable, and accessible.

    We are dedicated to meeting the needs of any garage door regardless of style, material, security, type, and additional features of all sorts.

    Knowing Your Garage Door Better

    With the range of available garage doors out there, it can be challenging to choose just one option.

    The optimal door should fit a residential home or building’s design and be made of durable material that will last a long time.

    The most popular ones of the bunch include the following types.

    Sectional Doors

    Instead of rolling up in one go, these doors are designed to be opened or closed in sections.

    They are quite thermal efficient and have a reliable design.

    Garage doors in this style are sturdy too.

    Rolling Doors

    Doors that roll open or closed are usually made from stainless steel or aluminum.

    They are the ideal type of door for commercial and retail warehouses and storage.

    They are made to last a long time and are also great anti-theft doors.

    Insulated Steel Doors

    If your goal is to keep heat in or out, this is the door for you.

    They are durable and incredibly energy efficient.

    Security Grilles

    These are more commonly found in commercial spaces.

    They can be either side-folding or can coil overhead.

    These doors provide great security measures.

    High-Speed Doors

    The most popular exterior for these garage doors is metal.

    They have a high cycle that saves time and is often springless.

    Fire Doors

    Finally, garage doors are designed to serve as an extra layer of protection.

    Fire doors usually come with reliable fusible links.

    These doors are closed whenever heat or smoke is detected as an extra measure of fire prevention.

    Popular Problems with Garage Doors and How to Repair Them

    Our affordable garage door services are not limited to specific brands or materials.

    Here are some common door issues that you can call us for.

    1. Bent Door Tracks

    One of the more obvious problems that even untrained eyes can easily identify.

    We can repair or completely replace door tracks.

    2. Broken or Faulty Springs

    Unless trained to perform repairs, an individual should not adjust these on their own.

    Without the proper tools or training, broken springs are known to cause many accidents.

    3. Door Opener Issues

    If the door opener isn’t working when you push the button, it is best to check on the power.

    If there’s a worn-out bearing or faulty gear, we can fix it for you.

    A representative can easily identify other issues regarding garage door openers.

    4. Damaged Side or Overhead Panels

    Instead of going out and purchasing a brand new door, we can replace any broken door panels.

    5. Worn Out Pulleys

    These are probably the components that get the most use.

    Stationary pulleys always have force exerted on them due to the door’s cable.

    Issues tend to arise over time and usage.

    Even if one is wearing down, it is best to have us replace both.

    Other problems with a door may be related to rollers, cables, hinges, or bearings.

    After narrowing down what’s holding your door back from fully functioning, you can call a representative to schedule a repair or replacement.

    Waiting until the door is entirely unrepairable will only lead to more problems and broken parts.

    The second you notice that a piece is not pulling its weight is the best time to consult the garage door manual or avail of our available garage door services.

    Remember that safety should be your priority, and reporting a faulty door will keep it that way.

    Professional Installation and Repair

    Thankfully, all issues and matters of repair are our domain of expertise.

    Our home installation and repairs are just as affordable and high quality as those that commercial building doors require.

    There is always a solution to your garage door needs.

    Installation, maintenance for all minor or major repairs are ready and available for you and your garage door.

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