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    Garage Door Repair Desoto

    In our country alone, around 63% of homeowners invest in garages.

    This is not surprising since we can see that garage doors aren’t the bulky and noisy hassle that they used to be.

    A lot of the latest designs and features are quite affordable but even these may need maintenance and repair.

    Sometimes, issues might arise during garage door installation.

    Other times, years later, the garage door motor may suddenly stop working.

    If your door experiences any of the most common problems in the guide below, give us a call.

    We offer high-quality yet affordable garage door repair and installation in Desoto.

    Typical Door Issues in Desoto TX


    It seems pretty obvious that such a big component would need to be looked after, right?

    Contrary to popular belief, maintenance can actually save money.

    The door itself rarely has problems unless there is a breach in insulation or dents on the exterior.

    Garage door repair usually focuses on other components that interfere with the way the door hangs and moves.


    Most doors today make use of one torsion spring or two extension ones.

    These are the components that do all the heavy lifting, literally.

    The springs absorb all of the energy in its coil.

    When the door is commanded to open by the opener, the springs release stored energy in order to lift garage doors.

    Torsion springs are usually attached to the wall above the door and extension springs are found above the system’s tracks.

    Any issues regarding the springs should be reported to us immediately.

    Since there is so much tension in springs, they are extremely dangerous to handle.


    These come in twos.

    They act as guides for the garage’s door to open up or sideways, depending on the kind of door you have.

    In order for the tracks to do their job flawlessly, they need to be perfectly aligned at all times.

    The vibrations that heavy garage doors give off every time they open and close can cause misalignment.

    This is why checking your tracks is important.


    Finally, the rollers are visible on each side of the door.

    They make sure that the door is locked into its tracks every time it moves.

    The number of rollers that your door has will depend on the size and its style.

    You can easily hear if you have any issues with the rollers since they are probably the most noise-generating part of a door.

    A Garage Door Opener Problem

    More modern doors come with openers that make operating the door less time-consuming and less effortful.

    Any issues regarding your opener can be discussed with us once you’ve already checked its batteries or once it’s properly plugged in.

    Homeowners may believe they need an entirely new door when in reality, they may just need a new opener.

    Auto-Reverse Mechanism

    Modern doors should be equipped with an auto-reverse feature.

    It is a small but powerful component that can prevent various accidents.

    The entire system depends on a sensor beam that is then projected across the door’s opening whenever the door is opened.

    If there is any obstruction while the door is being closed, the door will automatically reverse and open.

    Anything or anyone that gets in the way of the sensor beam will be out of harm’s way.

    If your door’s auto-reverse mechanism is faulty, contact one of our representatives today.

    Identifying Garage Door Concerns

    Though there may be some problems that have recommended DIY solutions, like changing the batteries of an opener, other issues should not be done by non-professionals.

    Here are some situations when you may need to contact Dallas Garage Door Tech.

    When you hear high-pitched sounds when the door is moving

    If there are any scraping sounds whenever your door is opened or closed, it means that the rollers or tracks need some attention.

    Is there more door vibrating or shaking than usual?

    If your door looks like it’s going to rattle right off the railing, you need to check on the rollers or tracks once again.

    There may be some debris interfering with the door’s movement.

    If the tracks are clean but the door is just moving too much, you need to call us right away.

    A loud snap and falling door

    This does happen and it can be quite shocking to experience.

    This means that the torsion spring has snapped.

    When the torsion or extension springs break, seek professional help as soon as possible.

    Professionals like Dallas Garage Door Tech can handle the garage door installation for you.

    Do you need help with garage door repair and installation in Desoto?

    We are here to help you

    If you have any other concerns with regards to garage door repair and installation in Desoto, know that we are here to help.

    You don’t need to look any further.

    Our experts can help you.

    Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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