How To Open Garage Door With Broken Spring

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    Garage door springs are the machinery for the operation of your garage door.

    They act as a counterweight for your door so that it can go up and down smoothly.

    The power to lift your garage door comes from the high tension in the springs.

    If your garage door spring breaks, it loses its tension and power to move your garage door.

    How to open garage door with broken spring?

    We can’t stress this enough; operating a garage door with a damaged spring is extremely dangerous.

    Your garage door will suddenly collapse when the spring breaks.

    The garage door opener won’t also be able to operate your door by itself.

    Call our professional team right away to help you fix your broken garage door spring.

    We can safely and efficiently handle garage door spring replacement in Dallas.

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    Safety Precautions

    Before trying to open a garage door, you must know that handling a garage door with a broken spring is dangerous.

    The springs are under extremely high tension.

    If they snap, the release of tension will make your door shut down with a loud thud.

    If your car is on the garage door’s path, you’ll be up for a costly repair.

    In a much worse case, anyone in the doorway could get injured from the incident.

    Thus, you must be aware of the condition of your garage door springs.

    Old garage door springs are more likely to break than fairly new ones.

    Incorrect spring tension may also induce the spring to snap.

    If you hear a loud bang from your door, that could be your springs snapping.

    Check your springs right away.

    Stop using your garage door and contact your on-call technician if it’s damaged.

    How to Open a Garage Door with a Broken Torsion Spring

    There are two types of garage door springs – torsion and extension springs.

    You must know what type of spring system you have to fix the issue properly.

    Torsion garage door springs have a torsion tube where one or more springs run along.

    They can be found above the opening of your garage door.

    Here are the steps to open a garage door with a broken torsion spring.

    1. Ask someone for help.

    Since dealing with broken garage door springs is dangerous, you must not do it alone.

    Ideally, you should ask for help from a person with technical knowledge of garage doors.

    1. Follow safety measures before doing anything.

    Perform an initial assessment of your environment, the garage door, and springs.

    Make sure that you have the energy to lift the garage door.

    1. Do not use the garage door opener because it won’t carry the weight of your door.

    You might end up damaging the opener unit.

    Instead, switch to manual operation.

    Make sure the door is closed before pulling the red emergency release handle to disengage the device.

    This cord hangs from the opener above the door.

    1. Once you hear a click, which means you can now open your garage door manually.

    Lift the garage door until it’s open completely.

    Note that the door might feel heavy because of the broken spring.

    1. Do not continue opening the door if you cannot bear its weight.

    Call for professional help instead.

    How to Open a Garage Door with a Broken Extension Spring

    Extension springs are found parallel to the horizontal tracks on each side of the door.

    They work with garage door cables connected to the bottom corners of your garage door.

    The cables serve as additional safety features which prevent springs from shooting across the room when the latter breaks.

    You must ensure that both springs work for your door to operate safely.

    If one or both springs break, you can follow the step-by-step guide mentioned earlier.

    However, you’ll need to perform additional steps to keep the door open.

    You must use a clamping device to secure the garage door while it’s raised.

    Reliable Garage Door Repair in Dallas

    How to open garage door with broken spring?

    The simple answer is don’t use the automatic opener and open your garage door manually.

    However, do not forget about your safety.

    Call Dallas Garage Door Tech to replace your garage door springs right away.

    We are available 24/7 for emergency garage door repair anywhere in Dallas.

    Call us now!

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