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    Garage Door Won't Open

    The garage door is one of the most significant parts of our homes.

    It ensures adequate security for our valuables; they are much safer, especially for children and pets.

    Furthermore, garage doors also improve the value and appearance of our homes.

    When we install garage doors, it will change the appearance of our homes.

    Also, using a commercial garage door for our business can create an excellent impression to possible buyers.

    We need to inspect and ensure our safety and security when installing a garage door.

    We frequently use the garage door as entrance and exit; therefore, garage doors are subject to daily tears and wear.

    Consequently, the garage door motor is bound to functional issues and damage now and then.

    A faulty garage door can cause inconvenience to us.

    Several areas can be a source of malfunctioning garage doors; sometimes, it would not open all the way, or it would not open manually.

    As homeowners or business owners, we should know each cause of the problem and decide whether we must call a professional.

    Here are the common reasons why a garage door won’t open:

    There is no power for the operator.

    When the garage door would not open, there could be only one reason – the operator did not receive power.

    A malfunctioning garage door could be due to an unplugged power cord.

    As we exit our garage doors, we may sometimes absentmindedly unplug the operator; things like that are possible.

    We can do a remedy by plugging a cord or resetting the fuses.

    Frequently, however, more severe problems can prevent the garage door from opening; the operator would have blown a fuse or circuit breaker.

    Furthermore, faulty outlets can also cause a problem for the operator.

    When such severe problems occur, we should ask a professional to handle the repair.

    The batteries for the transmitter are expired.

    When it comes to garage door activation, both the remote and the operator need the power to work.

    If our garage’s remote activation does not work, the problem could be an expired transmitter battery.

    The first thing that we should check is the transmission receiver inside the wall of our garage.

    By manually pushing the button on the wall, we can confirm if the door activates.

    If it works, the only problem is the remote, which causes the door not to open and not the receiver.

    We can change the batteries to fix the problem.

    However, if not familiar with the battery or the battery is pre-installed, we better ask a well-trained staff to do it for us.

    There are breaks in the garage door torsion or extension springs.

    There are times when the door is not opening, but the motor is working fine.

    Therefore, there are problems with the springs of our garage door assembly.

    Torsion springs and extension springs guide and lifts the door along the tracks.

    For common garage door repair, the issue is mostly on the broken door torsion and springs.

    Broken springs and torsion are some of the reasons a garage door would not open.

    It is also the most challenging yet inevitable issue that can occur in our garage doors.

    There are snaps in the cables.

    Another problem that is more dangerous than breaks in the springs and torsion is a broken cable.

    The cables in the garage doors are responsible for the physical act of bringing the door up and down.

    Once the springs snap, the cables are the only things that prevent the door from slamming to the ground.

    Aside from a disturbing noise that it will produce, it can also create tremendous and permanent damage to the garage door once it falls.

    Moreover, other things around the door can also suffer severe damage or accidents.

    If the garage door won’t open, contact Dallas Garage Door Tech.

    The garage door is one of the essential security features of our homes.

    Whenever we see problems with our garage doors, we should get service as soon as possible.

    Let’s not wait for our garage doors to collapse.

    It can also risk our safety and the safety of our whole family; let us protect our valuables by asking for help from a professional.

    Get the best and quickest service for your garage door now!

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