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    Garage Door Won't Close

    As we all know, garage doors play a vital role in keeping our homes safe.

    Aside from providing utmost security to our residence, it is also very trendy, and it has significant effects on the homeowners’ lifestyle.

    There are many reasons why we should get a garage door installed, which is why more people are opting for a garage door installation.

    However, just like most types of machinery, it can also malfunction at some point.

    Especially with age, there are times when the garage door refuses to do its job correctly, which can cause a lot of frustrations.

    One of the most common issues when it comes to garage doors is the garage door won’t close.

    What is the point of having a garage door if it will not close, right?

    When that happens, not only is the security of the house put at stake, but it can also jeopardize the possessions stored inside the garage.

    There might be a lot of reasons as to why the door is not closing.

    Before calling for a specialist, here are some tips on what to do when your garage door won’t close:

    Examine the Situation

    If the door won’t close, it is essential to figure out first what could be the possible reason behind the breakdown.

    The first thing that we would think of when this happens is to call an expert for an immediate garage door repair.

    However, not all damages require immediate professional help.

    It could only be caused by minor damage, such as a small blockage on the door’s path or the remote’s batteries must be replaced.

    For a problem as minor as a garage door not closing, most of its reasons can be fixed through manual repairs.

    It is also not dangerous, as long as it does not involve removing any springs or cables.

    Furthermore, the problem could also be just a dusty or dirty sensor.

    In this case, simply wipe the sensors with a soft cloth, and the door should close again.

    It is also essential to ensure that no things are blocking the door’s path that could prevent it from closing all the way.

    If none of these would solve the problem, then the issue might need more than just a manual repair.

    Check the Wall Station

    If the garage door won’t close, try checking the wall station of the garage door opener.

    Using constant force, press and hold the interior wall station until the door closes all the way.

    If this method solves the problem, the issue must be in the garage door’s sensors.

    Inside the door’s safety sensors are electrical circuit boards that get damaged when exposed to moisture, lightning strikes, or a power surge.

    In this case, the sensors can be cleaned and realigned manually without a professional’s help.

    Use the Release Cord

    Garage doors come with a manual release cord.

    It can be found on the garage door opener, and using this should release the opener from the door.

    This method enables the door to be manually lowered down.

    After this, getting professional help is recommended for further inspection.

    If releasing the door from the opener fixes the problem, the garage door motor could be damaged.

    Unlike the previous methods, fixing a motor requires professional help as manually repairing this could be very dangerous and could eventually lead to severe injuries.

    The springs and cables could also be broken, and retracting springs and cables from the door without an expert’s supervision could be very hazardous.

    Call for a Professional

    As garage doors are an essential part of our homes, it can be worrying when it refuses to do its job.

    If all else fails, it is time to call for professional help.

    There are issues, especially those that involve the motor and the door’s cables, that cannot be fixed alone.

    Attempting to fix it manually will not only lead to severe injuries, but this can also worsen the existing problem.

    On the other hand, an expert will be able to diagnose your garage door and have it functioning again in no time.

    For a garage door repair in Dallas, call Dallas Garage Door Tech now!

    With the best garage door experts in town, we can assure you that your garage door will be good as new again in no time.

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