Garage Door Slams Shut

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    Garage Door Slams Shut

    When a garage door slams shut, homeowners should take it as a sign that the springs on their garage door are weakening; to stop this, its springs must be replaced.

    An additional way to fix a slamming garage door is to downsize the settings on a garage door opener’s close force.

    However, this problem solver is only temporary.

    A garage door that slams shut will damage the door itself and pose hazards to an individual’s life.

    With that said, if one notices their garage door slamming closed, we advise that repairs be sought immediately.

    Although many damages can be fixed manually, some problems require handling by expert garage door technicians.

    Calling a professional will ensure that the process is safely and correctly done.

    Besides, it is essential to first figure out what the garage door’s problem is.

    Take note of the following possible causes for when a garage door slams shut and what to do with these issues:

    Spring Strength of the Garage Door.

    A garage door spring is meant to hold the weight of a garage door.

    The pressure in its springs keeps the door in place when fully opened, and holds it as it drops.

    The strength of the spring conforms with its age and usage.

    Over time, a garage door’s strength weakens.

    This is more likely to happen when the garage door is used as the main entrance into the house.

    The spring’s strength can become weak, and as it loses its tensile strength, issues begin to arise.

    Frayed or Damaged Garage Door Cables.

    A garage door cable aids in raising and lowering the garage door.

    With time, garage door cables also become frayed.

    Having a frayed or damaged garage door cable can sometimes render the door unusable.

    Improper to No Maintenance.

    Even though preventive maintenance may be observed on a garage door, the question is, is this being done accurately?

    More than that, there are times that owners tend to ignore their garage door’s condition.

    It has been a common mindset for most people that as long as it is working just enough, although not necessarily right, it is fine.

    That kind of mindset often ends up in issues being overlooked.

    We are a garage door repair company in Dallas that provides this kind of service.

    It would be ideal to call us and let our professionals handle the job as this is their line of expertise.

    Rusty Garage Door Parts.

    As mentioned above, a garage door that is not taken care of will become rusty.

    A garage door faces different weather conditions, and for a length of time, this may become a reoccurring issue.

    Proper garage door care is needed to avoid this problem.

    The moving parts of a garage door must be frequently cleaned and lubricated.

    What Needs to Be Done?

    Listed above are the possible reasons why a garage door slams; the following pointers will hopefully help in determining what must be done to deal with these problems.

    1. Garage Door Spring Replacement

    A garage door spring is an essential factor in the garage door mechanism.

    Replace a weak garage door spring immediately.

    By doing so, one can prevent further damage to their garage door.

    An expert technician should handle this kind of repair.

    2. Proper Maintenance

    Keeping a garage door well taken care of will extend the door’s service life.

    Owners feel safe and secure when they can call on a trusted garage door company to handle their garage door’s issues.

    3. Adjusting the Close Force Setting

    Close force setting allows us to change the force needed in raising and lowering the garage door.

    It is located at the back of the door opener; to change this setting, we can use a flat screw and rotate it counterclockwise.

    This solution is only temporary, so you will still want to consider finding a commercial garage door repair company.

    For trusted garage door repair services, Dallas Garage Door Tech is the solution.

    You can trust us at Dallas Garage Door Tech for garage door repair, installation, and maintenance.

    More than that, we provide excellent services and the best-trained garage door technicians that can accommodate clients at any time since we are available 24/7.

    Call us now and ask for a free quotation.

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