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    Garage Door Opens by Itself

    Garage door openers are very common nowadays.

    This is because they offer proper security and protection, convenience, and safety.

    However, despite how simple the system is, homeowners usually still run into some garage door issues every now and then.

    One of the most common problems is when the garage door opens by itself.

    A garage door opening by itself risks lack of protection from intruders and compromised vehicular safety from weather.

    Don’t worry though, more often than not, all that garage door will need is a small tweak in its system to make it good as new again.

    Here are some reasons why a garage door could be opening on its own:

    1. Radio Interference

    When a garage door opens by itself, it may just be a bit of radio interference.

    Garage doors function with the help of radio frequencies.

    Now, this shouldn’t be a big problem since most models require very specific frequencies and codes.

    However, there is still a possibility that a neighboring house has the same model and uses the same frequency.

    The best solution for this is to simply reprogram the garage door opener.

    For those that aren’t sure how to do this, it’s always best to ask an expert for help.

    2. Faulty Remote Opener

    Another probable culprit to a garage door opening by itself is a faulty remote opener.

    The remote opener controls the garage door itself.

    Sometimes a stuck button is the only thing keeping the garage door wide open.

    Other times, a change of battery or cleaning up of dirt stuck in the remote is all that needs to be done.

    However, if the door stays open even after these changes, calling a professional to inspect the garage door is the next step.

    3. Sensors Picking Up Debris

    Every garage door opener is paired with safety sensors.

    These safety sensors are made to detect anything that is blocking the door.

    Once the safety sensors pick up on any debris or objects blocking the way, they’ll send a signal to the motor.

    The motors will then keep the door open until it’s safe to close the garage door again.

    That’s why it’s important to clear out the floor near the garage door.

    The smallest object, once detected, can trigger the reverse mechanism and keep the garage door wide open.

    In other words, make sure to clean up any snow, leaves, or debris near the garage door so that the sensors can’t pick them up.

    4. The Electrical Circuits are Damaged

    Electrical circuits can be damaged in a number of ways.

    For example, thunderstorms or nasty weather that can cause electrical surges or power outages.

    Although this rarely happens, if there’s been a recent power outage in your area, the electrical circuits in charge of your garage door’s functioning may have been affected.

    This can lead to the erratic opening and closing of a garage door.

    Sadly, damaged electrical circuits aren’t easy to fix alone.

    Calling a garage door repair service to repair or replace the damaged circuits is the best course of action.

    5. The Torsion Spring is Broken

    Torsion springs are responsible for doing the heavy lifting when it comes to opening and closing a garage door.

    If the tension is off, it becomes easier to open but harder to close the garage door, and vice versa.

    When a torsion spring breaks, however, this renders the entire garage door system useless and leaves the door stuck either open or closed.

    Once a broken spring is spotted, it’s best not to touch it or try to fix it alone.

    This can lead to a handful of dangers and injuries.

    Additionally, the garage door can suffer further damages and garage door installation services may be needed to replace it entirely.

    Let the experts handle it instead of trying to fix it alone.

    Who to Call for Assistance When a Garage Door Keeps Opening by Itself

    Don’t hesitate to ask for help!

    There are a handful of companies that handle garage door repair in Dallas.

    However, not all of them can provide amazing garage door services like Dallas Garage Door Tech.

    Not only can we troubleshoot and fix a garage door in no time, but we also offer garage door motor services and garage door installation services.

    Ring us up today!

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