Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

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    Garage Door Maintenance Checklist

    Many houses and buildings have a garage where owners usually park cars and store other things.

    Usually, garage doors are automatic; it is automated to open and close when it receives a transmission signal from a remote control.

    It also weighs a lot, normally around 150 pounds, and up to 350 pounds for larger doors.

    Thus, if a garage door malfunctions, it would be a huge problem, as other aspects of the system could be damaged, resulting in threats to the safety of the people close by.

    Hence, it is important to keep your garage door maintained to avoid any accidents that can cause injuries.

    Normally, professional service for garage door maintenance is needed only once a year, unless complications arise.

    However, owners can also opt to perform simple maintenance on your own.

    Below are the following maintenance tasks you can safely do without professional guidance:

    Keep your garage door clean.

    One of the most important things you should remember in garage door maintenance is keeping it clean.

    As easy as it sounds, this task is often overlooked.

    However, cleaning actually helps avoid dust buildups that might cause serious problems in the future.

    Since it would also only take a few minutes to clean, it would be better to keep a regular cleaning schedule.

    Moreover, taking your time to clean and keeping it clean can help make your garage door last for a long time.

    Check garage door rollers.

    As we all know, garage doors weigh a lot and are too heavy to be manually lifted without mechanical assistance.

    Moreover, opening the door puts great stress on springs, tracks, and rollers, which are responsible for assisting the large door in opening and closing.

    To avoid strain on the components, door rollers should be inspected at least twice a year, as a defected roller results in a wobbly, uneven, and bothersome door.

    In examining your garage door, you must check if it is tarnished, chipped, or if it is still contained in the tracks.

    Also, regularly cleaning and lubricating the rollers solves the noise stickiness.

    Check the garage door’s tracks.

    The garage door’s tracks are a crucial part of the system.

    It is responsible for guiding the path of the opening and closing door to a horizontal position above the garage floor.

    You must check that the tracks are not damaged and that no debris blocks the path of the rollers while the door is operating.

    If you see any damage, you should call a professional for help.

    Check the torsion springs.

    As mentioned above, the weight of garage doors put great stress on torsion springs.

    Moreover, it is also really dangerous when it breaks.

    Thus, it is not recommended for people to apply do-it-yourself repairs involving springs.

    When there are problems with the springs, it is highly advised to call for professional help.

    However, it is also important to visually check if the springs are wearing or rusting.

    Although, proper maintenance helps with the longevity of the garage doors, and adding lubrication usually helps some issues.

    Check the door balance.

    Inspecting the door’s balance also helps check the other parts of the system.

    To test the door balance, you should first close the door and disconnect it from the opener.

    Then, try opening and closing the door manually and see if it opens smoothly.

    After that, let go of the door halfway, and it should not fall to the ground.

    If it does, then the balance is off.

    If this happens, it would be best to call for professional help.

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