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    24-Hour Garage Door Repair

    The garage is where we usually store our vehicles when not in use, to protect it from various aspects that could cause damage.

    Usually, it has a door with a lock to protect the area from vandalism and theft.

    Moreover, a garage is basically an extra space that you can use for various reasons; it can be used as your workplace or workshop for multiple projects.

    Hence, it is essential to have a standby garage door repair service to call.

    However, what if your garage door acts up and you can not open it from the outside, or what if you are locked inside?

    Sometimes incidents like this happen, and it may occur at the most random time.

    Who would you call for this emergency?

    This is when a 24-hour garage door repair shop comes to the rescue.

    It is a convenient service offered by repair shops that could help people.

    With that, here are the top five reasons why you might need a 24-hour repair service:

    Misaligned garage door tracks.

    It can be a serious problem if your garage door’s tracks are not aligned, as the door’s weight can worsen the issue.

    If you see gaps between the rollers and rail, this could be a sign of track’s misalignment.

    Also, if you hear a rubbing noise in the same area every time you try to open and close the door.

    It also sometimes moves slower when it reaches the same area where it makes the rubbing noise.

    The door’s path is blocked by something.

    If you find your garage door going back up halfway while closing, it might have sensed an object that is blocking its way.

    This can be triggered just by anything, such as toys or garbage cans.

    You must also check if there is dirt, rocks, gums, or any solid waste on the ground.

    This is because the door’s safety sensors are activated when it lightly touches any solid debris on the ground; thus, resulting in it opening again.

    The door’s spring is broken.

    Garage doors have two very reliable torsion springs that do the heavy lifting of the doors.

    When it breaks, you will hear a loud bang that can be compared to a firecracker.

    When this happens, the door will not open, or the door opener will struggle to lift the door.

    During such occasions, you will need to ask for professional help.

    The door’s transmitter batteries are dead.

    If the garage door’s transmitter batteries are dead, it will not transmit signals to the door, and it will not work.

    To check if the door opener still works, try to press the wall-mounted button or control inside the garage.

    If the door opens in response to that, the transmitter from your remote control might need a battery replacement.

    The door’s limit settings are not correctly set.

    The usual problem with garage doors is that it usually does not close entirely and just goes back up.

    In these instances, you should consider checking the settings.

    Usually, a newly installed garage door’s settings may need to be reset.

    You can check the limit range of your garage door in the settings.

    If it is too high, the door will hit the ground and will automatically reverse, as the sensor assumes something is blocking its path.

    You may first try to try to search for the knobs or dials on the motor to check for the limit settings.

    When you need professional help at the most awkward time, a 24-hour garage door repair is your best friend!

    Damaged garage doors can be a real pain in the neck, especially with its heavy weight, leading to more severe injuries.

    However, even when you are having a problem with your garage door motor in the middle of the night, you can call Dallas Garage Door Tech to assist you!

    We offer 24-hour garage door repairs to help you at any time of any day!

    With our garage door experts and technicians, you will be assured to receive help from people who understand the problem.

    Moreover, our services come at reasonable prices!

    Look no further and opt for the best garage door repair in Dallas.

    Call Dallas Garage Door Tech now!

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