Is Accused Dallas Kidnapper Darriynn Brown A Repeat Offender?

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    Is Accused Dallas Kidnapper Darriynn Brown A Repeat Offender?

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    DALLAS, TX —Darriynn Brown, already charged with kidnapping in the fatal disappearance of 4-year old Cash Gernon May 15, is now facing additional charges of attempted kidnapping of a sleeping child.

    News reports are calling it a “shocking twist.” But ever since Antwainese Square discovered the lifeless and bloody body of Gernon in the middle of a South Dallas suburban street, the case — and its participants — have provided nothing but one gobsmacking development after another.

    The latest news is that, according to an arrest warrant affidavit obtained by KTVT, 18-year old Brown attempted in February to kidnap a sleeping 2-year old girl, and was fended off by her knife-wielding grandfather.

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    Now the teen is facing a second burglary charge, along with a charge of injury to a child, elderly individual or disabled individual.

    Reports say that in February, Brown first forced his way into the grandfathers home and was sorting through his possessions when the man chased the teenager away — only to have him return.

    Officials say Brown then kicked in the man’s garage door, slugged the older man in the head and then grabbed his sleeping granddaughter. The girl began to wail and her grandfather was able to pull her free before Brown disappeared again.

    Weeks later, the two men met again at a Walmart, where Brown allegedly apologized for…

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