If you’re looking for WD40, Tri-Flow may work even better

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    If you’re looking for WD40, Tri-Flow may work even better

    Robert Emmitt is one of my favorite pastors. He gave a sermon once on not giving up. He talked about many people who failed for years and still persevered, to be successful one day with their dreams.

    My favorite example of perseverance is about a lubricant called WD40 (hardware connection) and that there were 39 failures preceding the successful number 40. As much as I like that story, WD40 is really not a lubricant, as it’s perceived. It’s made to remove rust, tape residue and protect against moisture. But if you read the fine print, the original product was not for lubrication. When a customer comes in asking for WD40, the first thing they ask where it is in the store and then I ask them, “How are going to use WD40?” And 95 percent of the time it’s for a squeaky door or a stiff lock or their garage door opener or on a sliding glass door. And that’s when I show them Tri-Flow!

    Tri-Flow IS a lubricant. As Dad would say, “It’s like liquid ball bearings in a spray can.” Remember when Teflon first came out and everyone wanted it on pots and pans because nothing would stick? That’s what Tri-Flow is like. Nothing sticks. And that’s what you want in a lubricant. But there is one more thing that makes Tri-Flow a superior spray – it doesn’t attract dust. And that’s so important because it’s the accumulation of dust that starts making things stick all over again.

    Let me tell you how Tri-Flow should be used. If you are using…

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