How to Adjust a Garage Door Cable Tension

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    How to Adjust a Garage Door Cable Tension

    In this modern day and age, garage doors have actually come a long way with their updates in mechanical features and core functions, making it easier for homeowners to control them.

    Not to mention providing better information about its various components and anything we need to know about our garage doors.

    While this is the case in our advanced conditions, there may still be instances that we end up scratching our heads wondering what some of their parts’ purposes are, just like the strong cables.

    Indeed, there have been curious questions about what the garage door cable is for, but in its most basic function, it gives support through the torsion spring to lift the heavy weight of our garage door every time it opens and closes.

    In the unfortunate event that the torsion spring of our garage door dysfunctions, the cables prevent the spring from rebounding.

    It may not seem like a significant problem.

    Still, any accumulated spring load can cause severe damage and injuries – that’s why it’s important to make sure that your garage cables are not damaged and in their best condition.

    Garage Door Maintenance

    Knowing how to maintain your garage door properly can definitely extend their lifespan and preempt any problems and possible accidents that may arise when your garage doors suddenly require service attention.

    Before we give you a step-by-step process on how to adjust a garage door cable tension, it is vital to take our word of caution, reach out to us at Dallas Garage Door today, and consult with our highly trained garage experts prior to coming into contact with your garage door cables and springs.

    Here are a few guidelines to keep your garage door cables in check:

    Step 1: Get Things Moving

    Prepare the necessary tools such as a flat-head screwdriver, c-clamps, pliers, and a wire cutter, before anything else.

    Start by pulling the rope sticking out from the garage door opener, allowing the opener to loosen from the drive chain.

    Lift the garage door to weaken the tightness of the springs and, at the same time, turn the electricity off from your opener (if it is an automatic one).

    Completely shut off the electricity, for we don’t want any accidents to happen while we repair our garage doors.

    Step 2: Double Check the Door

    We have to take safety precautions before delving into the labor work.

    Make sure that you have secured the garage doors with two c-clamps attached to them near the bottom rail.

    These tools will help prevent the door from suddenly dropping as you repair your garage doors.

    Step 3: Disconnect and Reconnect the Cable

    Locate the cable that extends along the garage door frame on top of the doorway, as this is the one you’ll be disconnecting.

    Spot the end surrounding the rollers and the other end linking onto a hook close to the doorway.

    Notice a box-type frame with holes, and this is where you will be disengaging the end of the cable and reinserting it into one of the holes to hinder the lines from loosening further.

    Step 4: Just Adjust

    Reach for the pliers and start detaching the bracket of the hook that secures the cable to the frame, then strengthen its tension by pulling the cable wire across the bracket.

    Reconnect the cable wires to the frame with the use of the hooks.

    Be mindful when you tighten and loosen the cable wires, as too much will result in problems.

    Step 5: Ensure the Handiwork

    After making the necessary adjustments to the cables, look into the “drum” where the wires neatly surround.

    Guarantee that both ends of the cables are safely secured and adequately aligned onto both sides of the door.

    Once done, remove the c-clamps from the bottom and lower the door by hand.

    To The Rescue

    How does the process seem like for you?

    We understand the overall procedure on how to adjust a garage door cable tension can get too complicated and overwhelming even to begin.

    But no problem at all, as we are here to lend a mighty helping hand to you!

    After all, at Dallas Garage, we want to make sure that your garage doors are in their prime condition without sacrificing your and your family’s safety.

    We’ve proudly rendered our excellent services for over 15 years in various garage door replacements, installation, repairs, and so much more!

    Call us today and get a free quote on your garage door needs.

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