Companies Chip In to Help Repair Home Damaged During a SWAT Standoff – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

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    Companies Chip In to Help Repair Home Damaged During a SWAT Standoff – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

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    A McKinney homeowner who was facing tens of thousands of dollars in damage because of a SWAT team standoff at her home, says she’s grateful for the companies that have stepped up to help.

    The standoff left her floor, walls, windows, backyard fence, roof and garage door badly damaged.

    Companies came out of the woodwork to help after an NBC 5 report in August.

    “Everything about the story was horrific,” said Justin Wenokur, co-owner of Parish Roofing Solutions.

    The story started in July when McKinney police say a man suspected of kidnapping chose Baker’s home to hold the girl hostage.

    The girl was released unharmed but the suspect died by suicide after an eight-hour standoff that left the Baker’s home in shambles.

    “The hazmat team that went out there, they stopped counting at 20 gas canisters,” Baker said.

    Baker said her insurance company covered the cost of clean-up.

    In late August, the city denied her claim for damages saying, “the officers have immunity while in the course and scope of their job duties.”

    Baker said she was facing more than $80,000 worth of repairs through no fault of her own.

    To make matters worse, she was in the process of selling the home to help pay for her retirement. She said the buyer, understandably, backed out of the deal the day after the standoff.

    The story had many scratching their heads and many came to Baker’s rescue.

    Randy Parish and Wenokur co-own Parish Roofing Solutions. They said they’d been…

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