Why Does My Garage Door Opens by Itself

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    Why Does My Garage Door Opens by Itself

    All confined spaces are required to have at least one entrance and exit.

    For this, doors were made, prepared, and brought forth possible innovations in their form, design, and purpose, which changes the entire restriction in a door’s functionality.

    A door encloses a space, be it your house or any parts of it, buildings, and other types of rooms requiring an entrance and exit point.

    Having a door is a normal thing to do.

    However, making it was not an easy task.

    Since doors are created to allow things to go in and out, hindrances to a door’s way are also considered and the manner or the direction it will open.

    With the usefulness of doors, it is naturally our job to ensure that these doors were always in good condition – every door in your house, especially garage doors that protect your vehicles and other belongings.

    No matter how good the quality of an entry is, it will still be affected by time and will surely age, weaken, and malfunction after some time.

    One evidence that your garage door might have a problem is when it starts to open by itself, even with nothing going on to cause the garage door to open.

    There are also reasons why it is happening, and in this article, you will know why.

    Garage Door Opener Problems

    There are specific types of garage doors, and studying each one of them will significantly help every one of us take care of our garage doors properly.

    Garage doors are not to be taken lightly, and taking care of them should take time to ensure that every part of it is in good condition to ensure that it will work properly.

    There are reasons to answer the question, “why does my garage door opens by itself?” and here it is.

    Reasons Why Your Garage Door Opens by Itself

    One reason why a garage door opens by itself is because of its surroundings. Kindly scan the garage door’s safety sensors and look for some things or debris in the line of sight of your floor scanners.

    Garage doors are set to automatically opens whenever it detects something that might prevent the door from closing completely. It can be a pile of leaves, snow, or anything that might touch the closing door. Once the descending door feels the resistance, it will postpone the closing cycle and will ascend again.

    A misaligned floor scanner is also a possibility and will prevent the garage door from operating correctly. Let an expert examine the scanner, the wiring, and the connections inside. Maintaining the door tracks free of anything that might bump into the door while closing will also help.

    A garage door floor sensor has a built-in light that blinks whenever it detects something on the door tracks and will prevent the doors from descending continuously. However, if nothing will block the door and the sensor’s light continues to blink, replace your sensor. It might have gone bad.

    Another reason is any debris stuck on the garage door opener button. Same with the door tracks, always keep the garage door opener button clean of any debris or large particles of dust. It might have slipped through the tiny spaces of the button to get stuck in the switch inside the housing. When cleaning, make sure that any part of the button, inside and outside, was not compromised. Ensuring that the wiring inside the switch is safe can prevent a short circuit that might also affect the garage door operating cycle.

    After checking sensors and the opener button and ensuring that both were working perfectly and the door still opens by itself, go to the control board and transformer. Check the voltage of the two to know if it is in perfect shape. If not, replace the circuit board or the transformer.

    Once you did the first three, and still the problem persists, check if your neighbor uses a garage door similar to yours. It is not common but still happens, especially for operator models made before 1993. You can try to change the position of the clips and see if it operates normally. To make sure, check with all your closest neighbors and ask them to open and close their garage doors. If your garage door follows suit, then we now know the problem.


    The next time the thought, “why does my garage door opens by itself?” comes to your mind, you will know what to do with all the reasons listed above.

    Calling the nearest 305garage to fix your garage doors will also make your life easier and an intelligent move.

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