What To Do When Garage Door is Jammed

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    What To Do When Garage Door is Jammed

    The garage door is an essential property in each home.

    It is among the most significant parts of the home; however, also one of usually neglected parts.

    We make use of it every day to enter our homes.

    Garage door installation is among the best home advancement projects you could have.

    It is a great advantage for homeowners to have a garage door as it provides enough security and safety to the valuables.

    It also provides adequate security during seasonal elements; snow, rain, salt, and debris can spoil the vehicle’s exterior, design, or even the garage itself.

    Furthermore, garage doors also reveal your unique personal style.

    A garage door needs to be well-maintained to make it more convenient and reliable.

    However, it can also experience a jam.

    Stuck garage doors can cause the entire door not to open and go up, causing inconvenience.

    A garage door that won’t open is worrying; aside from not accessing the contents inside, it can also cause security concerns.

    That is why we need to know what to do when garage door is jammed.

    Here are some of the common fixes you can do with garage door jams:

    Make sure the opener is plugged in.

    Garage door openers are great when they work fine.

    However, it sure can be frustrating when it stops working or malfunctioning.

    One of common causes of a jam garage door is when homeowners fail to plug it in a power source.

    A garage door opener failing is simply because the power cord is loose from its electrical outlet.

    When you are not familiar with handling electrical outlets, it is better to be safe by contacting people who have the right equipment for garage door repair.

    Check the circuit breaker that powers the garage door.

    Power is needed for a garage door motor to work.

    Even the smallest electrical surge can cause a breaker to stop working.

    When it stops working, you should check the home’s breaker to see if it still powers your garage door.

    You can also check if it is still in the “On” position using the breaker’s labels.

    If not so, you can flip the breaker switch from the “Off” back to the “On” position again.

    You can try these simple steps before trying the garage door opener again.

    However, it is also essential to apply precautions before doing the job as it will be dangerous and risky.

    Check if someone locks the door.

    If someone locks the door from the inside, it may cause a door jam or cause the door not to open outside.

    We can sometimes overlook simple things, so it is better to check first before moving.

    Furthermore, doing an inspection is vital to ensure that the door is not severely damaged.

    Check if the trolley has been disconnected.

    The trolley is the one that moves with the chain drive.

    The chain drives are the long tracks attached to the ceiling while the garage door is operating to open and close; these are connected to the inside top of the garage door by a metal bar.

    All garage doors come with a pull-cord or switch to disconnect the trolley when you want to operate the garage door manually.

    To make sure, check if the cord is not accidentally pulled and see if the trolley is disconnected.

    If so, you can reconnect the troller back according to your garage door’s manual.

    It is essential to follow the instructions in the manual to avoid further damages to the door.

    If it does not work, you can try contacting professionals for help.

    If your garage door is jammed, contact Dallas Garage Door Tech.

    There are few things you need to look at when having issues with the garage door.

    However, diagnosing it yourself doesn’t always mean you can fix it on your own.

    There are many ways and tips on what to do when garage door is jammed, but it is better to contact a professional to do it for you.

    Using force or tools are more likely to make the situation worse.

    If you need the assistance of an experienced garage door engineer, call someone from Dallas Garage Door Tech now!

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