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    Garage door openers rely heavily on wireless communication to operate.

    This communication between the opener and remote will only happen with proper programming.

    You must program your garage door opener and remote so that they can receive and send signals from each other.

    Programming a garage door opener is a straightforward task that involves pressing the Learn button.

    You might need to take a different approach if there is no Learn button on the garage door opener.

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    How Does Garage Door Programming Work?

    Garage door openers and remotes communicate with each other through radio frequency signals.

    The garage door remote sends RF signals to the antenna on the garage door opener.

    The opener then receives and processes the signal to execute the command.

    For example, if you click the open button on the remote, your opener will receive the command and open your garage door.

    While this process seems uncomplicated, there’s one step missing from this — programming.

    You must program the opener and remote to recognize each other and communicate effectively.

    How to Program a Garage Door Opener Normally

    Normal programming means using the Learn button on the opener.

    We’ll show you this process so you can compare the steps when there’s no learn button on garage door opener.

    1. Make sure that your garage door opener and remote have the same brand.

    This is because different brands use different frequencies for communication.

    Thus, a Liftmaster opener won’t work with a Craftsman remote.

    1. Check your garage door opener and look for the Learn button.

    You might need to use a ladder to find the said button.

    The Learn button can be green, red, orange, purple, or yellow and is usually on the same side as the opener antenna.

    If you can’t locate the button right away, check underneath the light cover.

    Remove the light lens to expose the Learn button.

    You should also see a small LED light indicator beside it.

    1. Long press the Learn button until the LED indicator flashes.
    1. Next, press the Open button on the opener remote.

    You must do this step within 30 seconds.

    1. Press the Open button a second time to test.

    Your garage door should open, indicating that you’ve successfully programmed your opener remote.

    How to Program a Garage Door Opener Without Learn Button

    All modern garage door openers have a Learn button.

    This allows for easy programming.

    If you can’t find the Learn button, then you may have an outdated opener unit.

    You can still program your opener despite this, and here’s how:

    1. Make sure that your garage door opener remote is compatible with the opener.

    They should be of the same brand to communicate effectively.

    1. Study the buttons on your remote.

    Find out what the buttons are for, where they are, where the LED lights are, and what they mean.

    1. Go to the garage door opener and search for the Program or Teach button.

    It can be found on top of the keypad.

    1. Press the Program/Teach button to start the reset process.

    You should also see arrow keys below the keypad.

    Press and hold the arrow and programming key simultaneously.

    The system should shut down.

    1. After clearing the old memory, click the programming button and buttons 3, 5, 7.

    The remote keypad should blink.

    Press the same numbers, then enter.

    Use the arrow keys to see if your garage door responds.

    This will bring back the default settings.

    1. Enter the default code of your opener, then set the new code you want.

    You can look up your garage door opener’s default code online.


    Programming a garage door opener without the Learn button can be confusing, especially if you’re used to using the said button.

    You’ll need to learn the new process before attempting to program your automatic opener.

    If you don’t have the time to do these steps, contact Dallas Garage Door Tech.

    Our technicians know how to program any garage door opener type and model.

    Call us today to set your appointment.

    We also offer professional garage door replacement and repair services in Dallas.

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