Increasing Garage Door Sensor Range

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    Increasing Garage Door Sensor Range

    The garage door sensors are the little plastic boxes attached to the garage door or the railings.

    As all-out as these little devices may look like, they play a very vital role in both making our lives more convenient and a lot safer.

    These sensors are made to prevent accidents generated by garage doors, which have led to severe injuries, damage to cars, and even deaths.

    Garage door sensors also have built-in functions to let us know if there is a problem with them.

    Due to obstructions, a sensor can be pushed out of alignment, and a crash can possibly break some wires.

    Dirt, misalignments, or damaged components can cause sensors to malfunction.

    Once the sensor breaks down, the door may stop functioning properly.

    It could also start reversing on its own.

    This could lead to the door working eccentrically, which will need immediate garage door repair.

    Before worrying too much about how we can increase our garage door sensor range, let us find out more by discussing the different sensors garage doors have:

    Safety Sensors.

    This is actually quite a distinct term, since all garage door sensors are manufactured to be made safe after the sensors are attached.

    For this particular component, we can consider two specific types of safety sensors: Infrared sensors and Pressure sensors.

    These sensors were designed as a safety precaution because they make sure the garage door does not crush whatever is under it, including stray kids, animals, and even a poorly parked vehicle.

    The first type of safety sensor is the Infrared sensor, which has two sensors placed in the rails in alignment with each other.

    An infrared beam connects these sensors, and when something is obstructing the shaft, the garage doors pull back up instead of coming down, thereby averting crushing whatever is blocking the beam.

    Next, the pressure sensor, on the other hand, uses a sensor installed at the bottom of the garage door.

    When this sensor is triggered, like when we bump our head against the garage door’s bottom as it comes down, it automatically goes up.

    Another set of garage door sensors is the monitor sensor.

    As the name suggests, these types of sensors are more of a monitoring device since what they mostly do is alert us of every garage door that is left uncleared.

    This is achieved by installing a sensor on the door and a panel inside the residence.

    Some types of monitor sensors can also be programmed to set when the garage door should open, and how long it should stay that way before closing it.

    CO2 Sensors.

    Sensors like CO2 are some of the more advanced kind of garage door sensors available in the market today.

    These sensors are shaped to measure the amount of CO2 in the air in our garage (which usually comes out as we warm up the car) and when it reaches a harmful high level.

    With that being said, a CO2 sensor’s task is to let fresh air in and out by opening the garage door.

    Importance of Increasing Garage Door Sensor Range

    Garage door sensors have existed for many years.

    Since 1993, all garage door sensors have been required to have sensors installed in them.

    They are an essential part of the system as a whole.

    Although it may not seem important, it is essential to know the vital function that garage door sensors play and why it is essential to make sure that they function correctly.

    Looking to increase your garage door’s sensor range? Call Dallas Garage Door Tech now!

    Garage door sensors serve as the eyes of a garage door.

    It is on a constant lookout to all sorts of blockages that may be in the way of the closing garage door.

    Since we are talking about the most significant moving object in one’s home, the door has immense weight, which can crush anything below it.

    This is why increasing garage door sensor range should be on our proper care list for garage door installation.

    For high-quality sensors, Dallas Garage Door Tech is definitely the best choice!

    What’s more, your convenience is one of our topmost priorities, so our services are available for 24 hours.

    For more concerns regarding garage door repair in Dallas, contact us now!

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