How To Improve Garage Door Opener Reception

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    It’s truly amazing how in one click, you can remotely open or close your garage door.

    That means you don’t have to go near the door, get out of the car, and manually open your garage door.

    You can conveniently operate your garage door through your remote even at a distance.

    However, poor door opener reception is a common issue encountered by many garage owners.

    How to improve garage door opener reception?

    Try our expert tips and tricks to boost the signal strength of your garage door.

    But if the problem persists, consult with our certified technicians at Cleveland Garage Door Pros.

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    Why Does My Garage Door Opener Experience Poor Reception?

    Several reasons can cause the poor signal strength of your garage door opener.

    Both or either your garage door opener or remote may be at fault for the poor opener range.

    Here are some common reasons for a weak garage door opener reception:

    • Dead remote batteries
    • Damaged remote
    • Interference from other electronics
    • Bad antenna positioning

    Determining the source of your garage door opener issue can help you identify the best solution to your problem.

    Apart from that, it can also save you a lot of your valuable time and money.

    Replace Garage Door Remote Batteries

    Our certified technicians recommend that you first inspect the batteries of your garage door remote.

    That’s because overlooking the battery life of the remote is one of the most common mistakes of garage owners.

    That’s why they don’t have any idea that their garage door remote batteries are running out of juice.

    Remote battery life usually lasts between 3 and 5 years.

    After that, you may encounter poor signal reception due to loss of remote power.

    If that’s the reason why you have a weak door opener range, then you can simply replace the dead batteries.

    However, if you’re still facing the same problem after battery replacement, that’s the time to check on other factors.

    Replace Damaged Garage Door Remote

    Sometimes, it’s the remote itself that’s the culprit for poor opener reception.

    Over time, the buttons and internal wiring of your door opener remote become worn and damaged.

    Accordingly, your remote will stop functioning and it won’t effectively communicate with your garage door opener.

    Contact your garage door technician immediately to help you determine if that’s your case.

    Expert technicians have specialized equipment to test out the range of your door opener remote.

    Then, they can either repair or replace the device to restore the reception strength of your door opener.

    Relocating or Extending Opener Antenna

    The antenna of your garage door opener is the component that receives signals from the remote.

    It should be exposed and hanging down from your garage door openers.

    This position allows the antenna to adequately receive signals and communicate with your door opener.

    However, hidden or obstructed antennas can hamper its reception.

    Electrical components can also interfere with the signal sent by your opener remote.

    This gives the antenna a hard time detecting the command from the remote.

    Check the surroundings of your antenna for anything that might be tampering with its signal strength.

    If possible, you can remove these obstructions away from your antenna or the other way around — relocate your antenna.

    Place your antenna somewhere electrical devices like LED lights, alarms, and TV cables won’t interfere with the signal.

    You can also install an antenna extension for better reception.


    If you have to be near your door to control your opener, what good does it bring to have an automatic garage door opener?

    Poor opener range defeats the convenience of having a remote-controlled garage door.

    Because of that, you ought to ensure that your garage door opener antenna and remote are in their best state.

    If you need help diagnosing, troubleshooting, and maintaining your garage door, call us at Cleveland Garage Door Pros.

    Our team of friendly technicians will help you restore the exceptional condition of your garage door.

    We can fix all sorts of garage door problems through the extensive range of services we offer.

    Set an appointment with us now, and receive remarkable garage door repair and installation services in Cleveland.

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