How to Fix a Garage Door That’s Off Track

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    How to Fix a Garage Door That’s Off Track

    If you don’t know how to fix a garage door that’s off track, then you must not even try to fix it on your own.

    Having an off-track garage door is such a nuisance for you, especially if you have no idea where to get help.

    This also poses a significant threat to your safety since a garage door is one of the largest moving units of your homes, and it may come crashing down on you one of these days when it is not addressed immediately.

    Our company, Dallas Garage, can assist you on how to fix a garage door that’s off track.

    We are famous for our high-quality performance and excellent customer service, and we can assure you that your garage door will be secured and functioning as if nothing happened.

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    Reasons Why Your Garage Door Came Off Track

    There are many reasons why a garage door might come off its tracks.

    However, regardless of the reason, it is perilous if the causes are not addressed immediately.

    Strong Impact

    The most common reason why a garage door may come off track is that you might have hit it with your car unknowingly.

    There may be days that you are rushing for work, and you try to exit your vehicle even when the door has not fully opened yet, causing you to hit the garage door with your car.

    Some days, you might not have been paying attention, and you accidentally hit your garage door.

    During the substantial impact, regardless of how fast or how slow you are going, the whole door system had taken some damage.

    Some of the rollers may have come off their tracks, causing the garage door to become suspended by the lift cables.

    This is a hazardous situation, and you must not even attempt to repair it on your own.

    Misaligned Tracks

    When you have a garage door being installed, you must make sure and double-check if the horizontal and vertical tracks are aligned to prevent unnecessary stress on the track reinforcements.

    The unneeded stress causes the loosening of the bracket bolts, which allows the tracks to bend.

    This becomes worse the more you use your garage, which will eventually lead to the rollers coming off the tracks due to misalignment.

    Another reason for out-of-alignment tracks is the use of poor quality material or overused tracks.

    The horizontal tracks of your garage door are bearing all the weight when this is open.

    A small impact against it may cause the steel to bend or even break, resulting in misalignment.

    Broken Lift Cables

    Among the reasons mentioned above, this is the most uncommon one.

    However, there is a slight possibility that this may happen to a small percentage of people.

    Typically, a garage door has two lifting cables on both sides, and this operates by winding cables around a drum to lift the garage door.

    A misaligned door may cause the wires to curl incorrectly, which eventually leads to the unraveling of the cables.

    These cables may break when exposed to sudden stress and when this happens, the overall weight of the garage door is transferred to only one side resulting in the rollers coming off the track or, worse, breaking together.

    The Steps We Take to Get the Garage Door Back on Track

    When you have a garage door that is off track, we STRONGLY discourage you from fixing it on your own as this may cause severe injuries and unnecessary hospitalizations on your part, primarily if the door is not handled well.

    The steps indicated in this part are those that we take when we fix your garage door.

    First, we unlink the opener by finding the hanging string from the remote and pulling it to detach the opener, allowing us to open the garage door manually.

    Subsequently, we open and check the garage door to ensure it is totally free from the opener.

    With the help of pliers or vice grips, we lift the door until the tracks are lined up with the rollers.

    Next, we place back the rollers inside and shut the track openings; then, we try to reshape the tracks with the use of a wooden mallet.

    The next thing that we do is open the garage door manually a couple of times to check the rollers, ensuring that it is working steadily and if the door is opening accurately.

    The garage door’s balance is also checked at the same time.

    Finally, we test the preprogrammed operation allowing the automatic closing and opening of the door and by activating the opener.


    Fixing a garage door that is off track is a threatening task for someone who has no background and does not have the proper tools to do so.

    We strongly discourage our clients from fixing their doors by themselves.

    Get the quickest response and the best services from our company by contacting us through our webpage.

    You won’t regret your decision because we offer transparent, budget-friendly, but high-quality assistance for you.

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