How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

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    How To Fix A Garage Door Off Track

    Our garage doors are made functional by the system of tracks, rollers, and switches.

    It takes a lot of strength to lower or raise our heavy garage doors.

    Garage doors are also commonly used.

    So it is already understood that it is expected that they break.

    And we should know how to fix a garage door off track or rollers and switches.

    The best way to help us with our problems is to get advice from the experts of garage doors like the 305garage for their assistance with our troubles when it comes to garage doors.

    They will help us assess our garage doors, and they can also make suggestions or even help us restore our garage doors.

    The 305garage can also advise us if it is already needed to replace our entire garage door.

    Although our garage door comes off the track, it is still common trouble we can encounter, but we can fix this on our own.

    How can we fix the problem?

    Curious about how to fix a garage door off track? Let us consider this method in setting our off-track garage doors:

    1. We must first gather all the materials we need to put our garage door back to its tracks. Included are the hammer, wrench, pliers, a woodblock, or a sawhorse, and we also need some lubricant like cooking oil or spray.
    2. We should also ask for some help from someone around to help us open our garage doors manually after we have disconnected them from our opening mechanism. Then we shall put it on the woodblocks or the sawhorse we have.
    3. As we open our garage door, we should be alert on where our garage door tracks catch, so we know where the off way is coming.
    4. We must apply to lock pliers or grips to help us keep the garage door from going down.
    5. To manipulate the metal on the edge part of the garage door track and slid the wheel to help it come back on track, we should use pliers. We can secure the wheels unto the way we knock on the edge of the garage door track back into its original shape before we have used the pliers.
    6. We should make sure that our garage doors are secured into the opener, and we can open or close it quickly.

    To fully understand the steps on how to fix our garage door off track, we shall read the owner’s manual, but if we are not comfortable doing these things, it is free for us to contact 305garage if we need any assistance.

    The common reason why our rollers derail

    Working with the things that can prevent the cause of rollers derail and pinpointing the common cause for the rollers derail on our garage doors are the right way for us to keep our garage doors functional. Below are the common reasons why garage door rollers derail:

    1. Having not enough lubricants: the top reason our garage door rollers derail is that the rollers and the track are not adequately lubricated. These two things will produce tons of friction; that is why it is essential for us that we lubricate them to keep them moving altogether in a smooth manner.
    2. We have not secured the tracks properly: If we or the professional who installed our garage doors didn’t ensure it when they installed it, we might end up having severe problems with our garage doors. The garage door tracks that are not secured into the garage wall will create a problem, especially if it moves too often.
    3. If we have a misaligned track: Just like if we secured our tracks poorly, those tracks we have that are misaligned could also give us troubles. But we can quickly fix them.
    4. If there is too much dirt, it can also cause a problem: Our garage is dusty and dirty. The dust and dirt can quickly go inside our garage door track and will eventually create severe issues if it is not addressed.
    5. We have Damaged tracks: our garage is also a dangerous place, significantly if our tracks are damaged.

    To ensure that our garage doors are still in good condition, we should contact the professional for routine maintenance of our garage doors.

    We can call 305garage or any garage door company to help us address the problems as soon as possible.


    Fixing our garage doors at home shouldn’t give us a hard time.

    Repairing them is very easy, especially if we have the right tools and know the proper methods.

    But the most important thing we should keep in mind is that we should always call a professional to help us maintain our garage doors.

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