How To Fix A Dented Garage Door

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    How To Fix A Dented Garage Door

    There is no denying the fact that most of us have built a garage in our homes.

    Our garage is an essential part of our house as this is where we park our car safely and store most of our utilities.

    Our garages sometimes are already our storage room for unused, big stuff we don’t need; therefore it is an integral part of our home.

    Like any other, our garage may also encounter minor damages that could sometimes be unpleasant and need fixing.

    Much of these garage doors are commonly composed out of Aluminum and Steel material.

    These materials are known to be durable and low maintenance, but we don’t know these materials are prone to getting dents.

    This is, of course, due to our daily activities like accidentally backing, getting hit by a ball from kids playing outside, or just an accidental push.

    Our immediate reaction to this kind of problem is calling for services which cater to this kind of issue.

    Although having a dent on our garage doors is not a big deal, it can still be a nuisance if its size gets unmanageable.

    But we should not fret because this unattractive dent in our garage doors can be fixed through a Do-It-Yourself solution—a solution without investing so much of our time and budget.

    All we have to do is prepare minimal materials that are needed and are accessible within the parameters of our homes.

    Materials We Need

    After asking ourselves, “How to fix a dented garage door?” let us first determine the materials we will need in the process.

    These items are within our home, be it in the garage, kitchen, or bathroom.

    If one of these materials is not within your household, we should not be worried as these materials can be easily found at our local hardware.

    • Bucket medium size
    • Dish soap
    • Car sponge
    • Grill lighter
    • Aluminum foil
    • Water hose
    • Compressed-gas can/ dust and lint remover

    Now that we have gathered the following materials, it is time to move on to the next phase to fix a dented garage door.

    Step-by-Step of Fixing the Dent

    1. We have to fill up the bucket with warm water using the hose. Then add the dish soap until the mixture has become foamy. Mix it well.
    2. We then soaked the car sponge into the mixture and used this to clean up the dented area. We have to ensure that the dented area is cleaned and dry before moving on to the next step.
    3. After the dented area has been cleaned and dried up, we need to take our prepared aluminum foil. Take enough foil to cover the dented area. We need to make sure that our aluminum foil has an extra to hold on to it.
    4. After laying the sheet of foil against the dent, with our other hand keeping the foil sheet in place, take the grill lighter and light it up against the dented area. For 1 minute, we have to consistently make sure that the flame covers all the dent’s size. The dented area is heated thoroughly.
    5. Lastly, we then remove the foil from the dented area. The next step is using a compressed can. We need to remember the compressed can be used upside down. And in an up and down motion, spray on the dented area for 30 seconds.

    If these steps too hard to follow, this youtube link below may help:

    How is this possible?

    The steps are pretty easy to follow.

    This quick and straightforward fix is possible because of the extreme temperature from the grill lighter and the compressed can.

    The heat from the grill lighter reacts to the cold temperature exhibited by the compressed can, making a reaction from the aluminum/steel garage door.

    Now, our “how to fix a dented garage door?” concern should be entirely fixed after 2 minutes.

    We also have to note that the size of the dents may vary the efficiency and effectiveness of these steps. An enormous dent may take twice of this solution to take effect.

    Calling a professional garage door repair company is recommended if this simple solution does not work at all.

    Dallas Garage company is one of these professional companies that offers services to help us out with these kinds of issues.

    Dallas Garage has great services that offer option services to any types of garage issues.

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