How to Adjust Garage Door Tracks

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    How to Adjust Garage Door Tracks

    A valuable asset for any home is the garage door.

    It not only helps to get in your home by simply pressing a button, but it also improves your home’s curb appeal.

    Every day we use it to leave or enter our home quickly.

    It protects our garage from elements and gives our cars and personal belongings a safe environment.

    So, we recommend giving those trusty doors a little attention? Below is a guide prepared by our certified garage door technicians on how to adjust garage door tracks and so on.

    Garage Door System

    In any garage door-related problems, we at Dallas Garage refer to a basic understanding of the garage door system.

    Before we share how to adjust garage door tracks, learn how the garage door system functions.

    It’s simple.

    Garage doors normally open and close up and down rolling, with two tracks that direct the rollers.

    These paths extend from the ground to the ceiling.

    There is a door path on either side of the door, too.

    These tracks are indeed built to make it work smoothly, but your garage door will not perform as smoothly as it should when struck or loosened.

    Most common causes of misaligned garage door tracks

    If the garage door does not run smoothly, we know the garage door’s path is in trouble as experts.

    Most likely, the garage door tracks are misaligned.

    It could make rolling challenging for the garage door.

    Most of the time, it happens due to the following:

    1. Binding garage doors due to the wrong installation.
    2. The door and its rubber molding tracks are rubbing against each other.
    3. There is a gap between the garage door and its rubber molding.

    When this happens, we recommend immediate adjustments on garage tracks.

    Don’t worry because we at Dallas Garage will share how to do that easily.

    If you have the right tools, then you are good to go.

    Why we recommend immediate garage door track adjustment

    Due to the everyday rolling of garage doors, no matter how good quality garage doors are made of, they will, in due course, lose over time.

    Wear and tear are a reality even in garage doors, so we suggest that we always keep our keen eyes open when it comes to garage doors.

    Setting up any of its issues instantly prevents us from substituting the whole door and incurring higher expenses.

    It also means security for everyone and everything inside the house.

    Handling garage doors involves complexities so call us soon as garage door problems arise.

    For now, we will learn how to adjust garage door tracks without being a pro.

    Garage Door Inspection

    While we are on it, Dallas Repair certified technicians thoroughly inspect the garage door.

    It is to make sure we don’t miss any problem that we can efficiently address, hampering the repair and overall safety.

    Things We Need

    Before any projects, Dallas Repair always prepares the thing needed.

    In this case, we will need the following:

    • Screwdriver or wrench
    • Rubber mallet
    • Level tool

    A simple alignment of garage door tracks

    If those are available, you’re ready to follow these steps.

    1. Loosen bolts

    The door paths are loaded with several screws to protect the frame of the garage door.

    All need to loosen.

    We use a screwdriver to do that.

    Before going to the next stage below, make sure that they are loose enough.

    2. Adjust the tracks

    Using a rubber mallet, adjust the garage door angle.

    We advise no using of harmer since it can cause more harm to the door tracks.

    Also, apply optimum strength to the bottom of the door paths with the rubber mallet precisely position the courses.

    To maintain an ideal location and avoid additional booboos, you may use a level tool.

    3. Tighten bolts

    Using a screwdriver, twist and turn until all bolts are tightened enough, and we are done.

    Bottom Line

    It’s a must to look after our garage doors.

    While it is effortless to align the door frames, it is worth choosing high-quality hardware to avoid trouble.

    After following the steps on how to adjust garage door tracks mentioned above closely, your garage door should be running smoothly and without any rubbing or binding.

    If you know that the garage door does not operate correctly or the garage door is aligned, don’t psychic yourself.

    But if things get worse, get in touch with an expert in the garage door until it hurts longer.

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