How Long Does It Take To Install A Garage Door

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    New garage door installation signals new beginnings for garage owners.

    Finally, it’s time to replace your old and worn-out garage door.

    You must seize the opportunity to choose a high-quality and good-looking garage door.

    Take your time choosing because your garage door will last for many years in your front yard.

    While selecting a garage door takes time, installing one shouldn’t.

    How long does it take to install a garage door?

    At Dallas Garage Door Tech, we always strive to efficiently carry out garage door replacement.

    Thanks to our team of experienced technicians, we have our reputation as the most reliable garage door company in Dallas.

    You can trust that we can safely and correctly set up your new garage door.

    For the best outcome, leave the job to professionals.

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    How to Install Garage Doors?

    Only experienced and licensed garage door technicians should perform garage door installation.

    You need enough knowledge of how to use tools to safely carry out every step of the process.

    You must also know the step-by-step procedure to achieve the installation in a short amount of time.

    If you don’t have what it takes to install your garage door, let Dallas Garage Door Tech help you.

    You can contact us any time to book an appointment.

    We can provide you with a free estimate after measuring and assessing your new garage door.

    Once you confirm with our team, we’ll arrive on time at your place to perform the necessary measurements.

    We offer a wide range of garage door choices, including garage door design, style, material, color, and finish.

    Our team will be happy to show you your options and help you decide.

    After you have selected a new garage door, our technicians will safely remove your old door.

    We’ll set up your new door by carefully installing each part.

    Rest assured that your garage door comes with new parts, such as new garage door rollers, cables, springs, tracks, and hardware.

    Our technicians will cap off the process with a final test of the garage door’s condition and performance.

    This will allow us to fix any issue so that you can enjoy your brand-new door.

    How Long Should I Wait For Installation?

    Garage door installation takes time.

    But with our company, the installation will be like a breeze.

    This is because we’ve already mastered every step of the installation process.

    We can replace your garage door as promptly and efficiently as possible.

    How long does it take to install a garage door?

    Depending on three main factors, you can expect our team to take around 4-6 hours.

    The size and compatibility of the new garage door, as well as the weather, can impact the duration of the installation.

    Garage Door Size

    The size of your new garage door affects how long the installation will take.

    Larger doors will take more time than smaller ones.

    If you have a double-car or triple-car garage door, you can expect the installation time to be twice or thrice longer too.

    Besides the size, customizations can also increase the length of time for installation.

    Garage Door Compatibility

    If your new garage door is compatible with the old one, it’ll be easier for technicians to install it.

    For example, your old and new garage doors are of similar size and type.

    We’ll quickly remove the old door and put the new door in place since their structures are the same.


    The weather condition can also impact garage door installation time.

    Dallas experiences cold and windy winters, making the installation process challenging.

    It’ll also take more time to install garage doors in the rain.

    Thus, it’s best if you install your garage doors during a cloudy and pleasant day.

    Top-of-the-line Garage Doors in Dallas

    We are Dallas Garage Door Tech, and we genuinely look after the welfare of our clients.

    This is why we only install top-of-the-line garage doors from time-tested brands.

    We work with Clopay, Amarr, and Wayne Dalton to provide our customers with exceptional quality garage doors.

    These doors are known for their reliability, durability, and security.

    They are also available in various colors, designs, and styles.

    Do you need a professional garage door replacement?

    Call us today so that you can talk to our team.

    We’ll help you choose the perfect garage door that will last for years.

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