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    Well-conditioned garage doors operate smoothly and quietly.

    Anything that negates this statement indicates something’s wrong with your garage door.

    One particular area of concern is the garage door opener making clicking noise.

    Garage door clicks are unusual, and they could mean many things.

    The problem can range from simple to complex, so you should diagnose the problem right away.

    Our technicians at Dallas Garage Door Tech are doctors of garage doors.

    We can examine and diagnose the issue and provide an effective solution.

    Whether your door produces a clicking, beeping, or grinding sound, we’ll get to the bottom of it and fix the problem.

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    Causes of Clicking Noise From Opener

    Your garage door opener is producing a clicking noise because of different reasons.

    Here, we’ll discuss these reasons so that you can determine the cause of the problem.

    Wall Switch Locking System

    One reason why your door opener is making clicking sounds concerns your garage door opener security.

    This is likely the case if you also see the LED light on your opener remote flash.

    If there’s a security problem, the garage door opener will override the signals from the remote control.

    You must unlock the garage door opener through the wall pad to regain access.

    Broken Logic/Circuit Board

    Annoying clicking sounds may also arise due to a broken circuit board.

    The garage door opener circuit board is located inside the motor unit.

    The most common cause of this is a power interruption or surge caused by a storm.

    When the logic board becomes damaged, you can expect a clicking noise from your opener.

    This problem will also induce the LED indicator to produce a flashing light.

    Damaged Garage Door Rollers

    Garage door rollers that are out of shape will produce rattling or grinding sounds as they slide along the tracks.

    Besides this, worn-out rollers can also induce clicking sounds from the opener.

    With proper maintenance and care, garage door rollers can last up to seven years.

    However, they can prematurely wear out and lose their shape.

    In that case, you must replace them right away to restore your garage door’s smooth and silent operation.

    Photo Eye Sensor Problems

    The photo eye sensors are part of the safety reverse feature of your garage door.

    These components are located close to the ground to detect obstructions on the doorway.

    Once it senses that someone or something is on the path, the opener will produce continuous clicking noises.

    In addition to this, the garage door will also stop closing and go back up to ensure your safety.

    What To Do When the Opener Makes Clicking Noise

    If you have a garage door opener creating clicks, you must first determine the cause of the problem.

    Sometimes, diagnosing the issue isn’t easy, especially to an average person.

    If you already have a problem finding out the source of the clicking noise, contact your garage door technician immediately.

    But if you could find out why your opener makes clicking noises, you must tailor your solution to the cause.

    You should unlock your garage door opener using the wall switch if you have accidentally locked the unit.

    In case of damaged rollers and circuit boards, you must replace them.

    Remove obstructions on the doorway and make sure the photosensors are aligned and clean.

    If none of this solves the issue, call for professional help.

    Dallas Garage Door Tech can provide you with expert garage door service.

    Solving a garage door opener making clicking noise is not a problem for our team.

    We can fix the problem without breaking a sweat.

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