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    A noisy garage door is a major inconvenience.

    Imagine you’re finally getting your rest after a full schedule at work.

    You lay down on your bed, close your eyes, and just as you’re about to dive into a deep sleep…beep, clink, clang, click.

    You know your partner just arrived because of the sounds your garage door makes.

    What do you do when your garage door makes a loud noise when opening?

    You fix it!

    However, garage door making noises can be caused by different reasons.

    This means you need to perform a thorough checkup before you can diagnose the problem and fix your door.

    Why don’t our professional team handle this task so that you can focus on your commitments?

    Dallas Garage Door Tech offers exceptional garage door repair in Dallas.

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    Why is My Garage Door Making Noise?

    Depending on your garage door system, garage doors can make soft noises when operating.

    However, you’ll notice it when the noise becomes excessive.

    It is annoying and disturbing and a source of headache.

    Noisy garage doors mean something’s wrong with your garage door.

    Garage doors produce different sounds to signal you that one or some parts of your door need attention.

    Don’t ignore these noises.

    Instead, identify what’s causing them to fix the root cause of the problem.

    Squeaky Garage Door

    A squeaking noise is a common noise that garage doors produce.

    This happens when parts of your garage door lack lubrication.

    The squeaking can be a product of friction between two moving objects.

    To fix the problem, you must lubricate the moving parts of your garage door with a silicone-based lubricant.

    Consult with a technician to help you purchase the right type of lubricant for your door.

    Grinding Garage Door Noise

    In case you hear a grinding sound when your door opens, the problem might be with the opener.

    Grinding noise comes from the incorrect adjustment of the opener belt or chain.

    Too tight or too loose a belt or chain can cause grinding between parts.

    While a grinding noise may seem alarming, it isn’t, and you can easily fix this problem.

    All you have to do is adjust the garage door owner chain or belt, and the unwanted noise will go away.

    Rattling Garage Door

    A rattling noise can be attributed to vibrations or shaking.

    This noise can take place when the hardware mounting the garage door tracks becomes loose.

    Over time, the nuts and bolts on the tracks can loosen.

    This causes the tracks to rattle when the garage door moves.

    Another explanation for rattling is unbalanced doors.

    It’s normal for newly installed garage door owners to experience vibrating noise in the first few weeks.

    This problem will not go away on its own.

    You need to fix your garage door to balance the doors.

    Clinking and Clanking Sounds

    Rusty garage door parts can cause clink, clank, clunk noises.

    Garage door springs can become rusty without proper care and maintenance.

    When the coils rub against each other, the action will produce irritating clinking noises.

    Old and damaged rollers can also cause the same problem.

    Replacing the defective rollers and cleaning the springs with WD40 can solve the issue.

    But if the problem persists, you must contact a technician instantly.

    Loud Banging Garage Door

    A loud banging sound from the garage door is perhaps the most alarming sound of all.

    This noise signifies the release of tension when your garage door springs snap.

    It could also come from the garage door when it hits the ground due to broken springs.

    Either way, a loud bang means you have broken garage door springs.

    Do not come near your door and attempt to fix it.

    Damaged garage door springs are dangerous, and you may not be adept at handling them.

    Call your technician right away to replace the broken springs.

    The Most Reliable Garage Door Company in Dallas

    Dallas Garage Door Tech is not branded as the most reliable garage door company for nothing.

    We offer high-quality garage door services throughout Dallas at any time.

    You can call us for emergency garage door repair, and our technicians will immediately respond to you.

    We are always ready to provide an urgent and timely response to Dallas garage owners.

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