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    Increasing Garage Door Sensor Range

    You got home from an exhausting day at work and just finished parking your car inside your garage.

    After pressing the wall switch, you were about to go inside your house when suddenly…beep beep beep.

    You hear continuous garage door beeps when closing.

    That beeping noise signals that something’s wrong with your door.

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    Where Does The Beeping Noise Come From

    Garage doors operate quietly.

    Thus, if you hear anything unusual, such as a beeping sound, it means something’s not right with your garage door.

    The beeping sound comes from your garage door opener.

    Your automatic opener is producing the beeps to signal you.


    The timer-to-close attribute is one explanation for the beeping sound that your opener is making.

    The Liftmaster models 8550 and 8500 have this timer feature.

    This feature allows the opener to close your garage door automatically when it reaches the set time.

    Your automatic opener will beep to alert you that it’s time to shut the garage door.

    MyQ Remote Access

    Another possible reason for the beeping sound is someone’s remotely accessing your opener through the MyQ app.

    The MyQ app is a smartphone app that allows a user to open and close his garage door remotely.

    This person can control his garage door from virtually any place on earth.

    When he clicks on the app, the garage door opener will receive the signal to open or close.

    As a safety feature, your garage opener will produce beeps to alert anyone in the garage that the door is closing.

    Backup Battery

    Some automatic garage door openers have a built-in backup battery.

    When a power interruption occurs, the opener switches to this battery backup to continue the automatic operation.

    In this event, the opener will produce a beeping sound when opening and closing.

    The sound serves as a signal to garage owners that the opener is using the backup battery instead of electricity.

    Battery Running Out of Juice

    The beeping sound coming from your garage door opener can also be an indication of a low battery.

    When your battery runs low, it means that you need a battery replacement.

    The opener is producing the beeps to remind you of this.

    You can verify this by checking the LED light indicator on the opener.

    What To Do When My Opener Beeps

    Garage door beeps when closing is not alarming.

    As mentioned, it could just be a precautionary signal that your garage door is closing or that the battery backup is in use.

    It could also mean that your battery is running low and needs replacement.

    But if your garage door opener won’t stop beeping, you might be dealing with a more complicated issue.

    In this case, you should be alarmed and call a professional technician immediately.

    Experienced garage door maintenance specialists would know what to do when an opener beeps incessantly.

    Do not attempt to fix the garage door opener, or you’ll only make things worse.

    Since beeps are usually a safety signal, troubleshooting the problem can also compromise your safety.

    Time-tested Garage Door Repair in Dallas

    Garage door problems are not unusual.

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    Our expert technicians know their way around garage doors.

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