Commercial Roll-Up Door Troubleshooting

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    Commercial Roll-Up Door Troubleshooting

    Commercial roll-up doors come in several sizes and materials.

    They are most commonly used for local businesses, storage facilities, and even shopping centers.

    Commercial roll-up doors have several benefits like extra protection and security, great insulation, and convenience.

    Here are some common commercial roll-up door problems to look into when they aren’t functioning properly:

    1. The Torsion Spring Tension is Off

    When it comes to commercial roll-up door troubleshooting, try checking the torsion spring first.

    Torsion spring tension is one of the most vital parts of any garage door opener.

    This is because it handles most of the heavy lifting when opening the doors.

    If the spring tension is too low, the commercial garage door will be easy to close but hard to open.

    On the other hand, if the spring tension is too high, the commercial garage door will be hard to close but easy to open.

    When the spring tension is too high, the spring is more likely to break and render the garage door useless until it’s replaced.

    That’s why it’s best to have a professional adjust the roll-up door tension as soon as possible to avoid further damage.

    2. The Garage Door Rollers are Damaged

    Damaged garage door rollers are also another common commercial roll-up door troubleshooting issue.

    Garage door rollers are the wheels on the side of the door that allows it to move up and down the tracks easily.

    They can be made out of different materials, but are commonly made out of nylon, metal, and plastic.

    However, as the roll-up garage door is used more and more, the rollers wear out, making the wheels smaller and smaller.

    Eventually, the rollers will end up dislodging themselves from the track.

    Depending on the material, shrunken or corroded rollers can easily be replaced.

    However, if the garage door itself gets damaged because of a broken or missing roller, it’s best to ring up garage door repair services.

    3. The Tracks are Misaligned

    As stated before, roll-up doors move along a metal track as it rises and falls to the ground.

    Sadly, metal tracks are susceptible to rust and corrosion, which can lead to misaligned doors.

    Not only this, but misaligned tracks can also be caused by something colliding with the garage door.

    Misaligned tracks can lead to a number of other garage door issues.

    For example, the motor can burn out after being made to operate more than it should, or the rollers can end up being displaced.

    If the garage door track is misaligned, get it repaired immediately, before garage door motor repair or worse will be necessary.

    4. The Door Panel is Dented or Damaged

    A damaged door panel is more common than most would think and can cause several consequences.

    Usually, a dented door is the result of vehicle impact or anything else heavily colliding with the door.

    This can lead to several other problems if not remedied immediately.

    A damaged door panel can result in track misalignment, a burnt-out motor, a stuck garage door, or worse.

    Thankfully, there are companies like Dallas Garage Door Tech that provide garage door repair and garage door installation services.

    5. The Garage Door Motor is Faulty

    Motors are the heart of motorized commercial roll-up doors.

    Things like worn-out gears or rust obstructing some parts can cause motors to malfunction.

    This can consequently lead to a stuck or slow roll-up door.

    Unlike the previous issues, this one is harder to deal with.

    Motors consist of several parts and pieces that make it hard to diagnose the problem alone.

    If a faulty motor seems like the most probable cause of a malfunctioning commercial roll-up door, turn off the power supply, and ask a professional for assistance.

    Whom to Call to for Help with Commercial Roll-Up Door Troubleshooting

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    After roll-up door troubleshooting, it’s best to ring up the professionals for help.

    Out of all the experts that can help, Dallas Garage Door Tech is most capable when it comes to garage door issues and concerns.

    We can troubleshoot and fix up any garage door in no time.

    With our wide array of services available, we provide only the best for our clients.

    Give us a call!

    Roll-up garage doors are cut out for commercial settings because they are highly reliable.

    This garage door only seldom fails, which is why it’s fitting for businesses since they require efficient processes.

    Despite the durability of roller garage doors, they will eventually break down.

    And when that time comes, you need a garage door company that can respond in a timely manner.

    Commercial roll-up door troubleshooting in Dallas is a task best done by Dallas Garage Door Tech.

    We are proud that we have experienced and highly skilled technicians.

    They are the reason why we have our reputation as the most reliable garage door company in Dallas.

    If you need a prompt garage door repair, don’t delay and call our team,

    We will send our best technicians to your place right away.

    Roll-up Garage Door Curtain Repair

    One common problem roll-up door owners encounter is a damaged curtain.

    The roller sheet or curtain can incur dents, cracks, and holes for various reasons.

    These imperfections can cause your garage door to look old, worn, and unkempt.

    In turn, this could affect your commercial space security.

    Old and unpleasant garage doors also have implications for your brand name.

    Thus, you must restore your roll-up garage door curtain by repairing it.

    Call expert technicians immediately because they know how to professional troubleshoot the issue.

    Roll-up Garage Door Header Repair

    The garage door header is where the roller curtain rolls around when it opens.

    This component must be properly installed, or it can affect the performance of your garage door.

    If they are not aligned with the tracks, the roller curtain will not go up or down smoothly.

    Even if the door moves, the immense friction will generate annoying noises and damage the door.

    Repairing an improperly installed roll-up garage door needs skills and knowledge with tools.

    Do not engage with the repair activity if you’re unsure of what to do.

    Leave the job to the professionals instead.

    Garage Door Spring Repair

    Roll-up garage doors rely on the mechanism of springs to operate smoothly.

    If the garage door springs snap, you won’t be able to use your garage door safely and efficiently.

    One way to avoid this is to ensure that the springs are in good condition and properly adjusted.

    If they are overturned, they will be tighter and are at a higher risk of breaking.

    Likewise, old garage door springs are also more prone to snapping.

    This is because age makes them weaker and more fragile.

    If you need to replace the springs, do not DIY, or you’ll end up in danger.

    Notify your garage door technician to help you replace and adjust your roll-up garage door springs.

    Repairing Misaligned Garage Door Tracks

    The roll-up sheet of your roller garage door travels through the tracks, which guide the door’s movement.

    Therefore, the tracks must be perfectly vertical and aligned with each other to ensure smooth operation.

    However, time can wear out and cause the bolts and screws securing the tracks to loosen.

    In turn, it can cause your tracks to go out of alignment.

    This is why regular maintenance is imperative.

    You need to keep the mounting hardware tight and secure to keep the tracks in place.

    While you can manage to fix an improperly aligned track, it’s best to contact a garage door specialist instead.

    Garage Door Opener Repair

    Automatic openers are indispensable in commercial garage door operation.

    Openers can aid your business operations because they allow for faster and more convenient garage door use.

    However, this will not be the case if your garage door opener breaks down.

    It could affect your business, daily revenue, and quota.

    Thus, you need prompt and reliable garage door opener repair for your commercial roll-up garage door.

    Dallas Garage Door Tech will assess and diagnose your opener for any issue.

    Then, we’ll fix the root cause of the problem to restore the operation of your automatic opener.


    Garage door problems need expert and timely garage door solutions.

    This is especially true if you’re dealing with a broken commercial garage door.

    Dallas Garage Door Tech can perform commercial roll-up door troubleshooting.

    We also offer roll-up garage door replacement for old and severely damaged doors.

    Call us today to book an appointment with our team.

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