Commercial Garage Door Motor Repair

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    Commercial Garage Door Motor Repair

    Commercial garage doors are built of different materials that come in different sizes and styles.

    Moreover, a commercial garage space can be used for many things, such as handling large groups of people, loading equipment, or storing vehicles.

    Knowing what you will use your space for also helps you determine what type of garage door suits you, and for the attachment of the garage door, you may call for a garage door installation service.

    However, if your building already has its own commercial garage door, you must always remember to take care of it with regular maintenance.

    With that, here are tips for garage door maintenance.

    Observe the garage door in operation.

    The first thing you should do is watch, listen, and observe your garage door as it slides down and up.

    A broken garage door presents weird and jerky movements usually accompanied by scraping sounds, while a well-kept garage door moves smoothly without making any worrying noises.

    If you notice the former signs, you will need to check both sides of the door and for its springs, pulleys, and cables to make sure both sides are even.

    An uneven position might break the garage door’s operation and cause more serious problems.

    Tighten and secure the hardware.

    Since the garage door’s function is to move up and down, the continued motion might loosen a few screws and hardware over time.

    Please take note that tightening and securing the garage door’s hardware should be given much importance when inspecting your garage door.

    This is because the garage door weighs a lot, and if its motor fails, it may cause expensive damage to your car and serious injury to people nearby it.

    To avoid this, you must check the brackets holding up the tracks and tighten its loosened parts.

    Checking for garage door rollers.

    Rollers can be found at the edge of a garage door, and these assist with the garage door functions, helping keep its noises to a minimum.

    These should be inspected at least twice a year, and if you observe chipped, worn, and cracked rollers, you need to replace them and call for garage door repair services.

    Though you can replace the rollers yourself, it may be hazardous if you do not have any experience in changing such components.

    If you still want to do so yourself, you can do your own research online to make sure you carry the task out properly, but it will always be safer to call for commercial garage door repair.

    Check the garage door’s cables and springs.

    Next come the cables that are also responsible for lifting the garage and the pulleys attached to the door’s bottom roller.

    This helps with the safety mechanism of the garage door’s opening and closing.

    If you catch sight of a broken spring or worn out cables, you should never attempt to replace it yourself.

    Touching the spring and its cables can be extremely dangerous. It is best to dial a professional as soon as possible.

    Lubricate the moving parts and test the garage door balance.

    Lubrication plays a huge role in a garage door’s moving parts.

    The lubricants make the parts slippery smooth-functioning, reducing friction between the parts and lessening the wear on the moving ones.

    You can apply high-quality lubricants twice or thrice a year on the rollers and hinges.

    After lubricating the necessary parts, you may now test the door balance.

    To test the balance, you may pull the handle on the opener and manually lift the garage door.

    It should stay in place without any help; if it fails to do that, your door is not properly balanced, and you need to call for a professional to help you adjust your commercial garage door.

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