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    Garage Door Repair And Installation in North Dallas

    Commercial garage doors must always be in excellent condition.

    The primary reason for this is you need them in your business’s daily operations.

    Your garage door is key to ensuring that everything in your commercial space runs smoothly.

    Another reason your garage door needs to be in good shape is to guarantee its longevity.

    Garage doors have been proven to last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

    For the best commercial garage door maintenance in Dallas, contact Dallas Garage Door Tech.

    We are many garage owners’ go-to place for anything that concerns their garage door.

    Who could blame them?

    Our company has highly experienced and skilled garage door professionals who can perform any garage door solution.

    We are also always available for emergency calls.

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    How Often Should You Maintain Commercial Garage Doors?

    You might be tired of hearing the statement, “You must regularly maintain your garage door.”

    According to our garage door maintenance specialists, you must service your garage door at least once every year.

    Proper and thorough maintenance will ensure that your garage door works well and lasts a long time.

    It’ll also guarantee your safety while using your garage door.

    Maintaining a garage door is not always easy, and knowing that you need to do it often can be discouraging.

    This is why Dallas Garage Door Tech offers professional commercial garage door maintenance services.

    Let us handle the task of keeping your garage door free from any issues and defects.

    Call us today to set your appointment with our team.

    Garage Door Cleaning

    Your garage door needs thorough and proper cleaning once in a while.

    Cleaning your garage door will improve its appearance and make it like-new.

    In turn, this could boost your front yard appeal.

    Keep in mind that some garage door parts can be delicate.

    Thus, you must ensure that you use cleaning solutions and tools to damage these parts.

    Expert garage door technicians would know how to safely and effectively clean every part of your garage door.


    Another crucial garage door maintenance task is lubrication.

    You must lubricate every moving garage door part to minimize friction whenever they move.

    Use the appropriate silicone-based lubricant to achieve effectiveness and prevent damage.

    Pour the product on a cloth and rub the lubricant on the rollers, hinges, tracks, opener chain, and other hardware.

    Adjust Loose Garage Door Components

    The garage door cables, springs, bolts and nuts, and garage door opener chain must be properly adjusted to function correctly.

    Your garage door will not operate optimally if these components are too tight or loose.

    Improper installation and adjustment can cause your garage door parts to be tight.

    On the other hand, the natural wearing process can lead to loose garage door hardware, cables, and springs.

    To fix the problem, you must adjust the parts of your commercial garage door with improper tension.

    Replace Weatherstripping

    Garage door weatherstripping is an essential feature of your garage door.

    It keeps the weather out of your garage and protects your garage door from damaging weather elements.

    Thus, you must ensure that your garage door weatherstripping is intact.

    You’ll need to buy and install new weatherstripping in case your existing ones are damaged or eaten away.

    Installing new stripping is easy, but it can be tricky.

    You must carefully and correctly perform the installation process; else it won’t serve its purpose.

    Professional Garage Door Tune-Up

    One way to guarantee that you have an immaculate garage door is to have a professional assess your garage door.

    Dallas Garage Door Tech will perform a visual inspection of your garage door.

    This will allow us to identify areas that need cleaning and repair.

    The ocular checkup will be followed by initial testing of the garage door to assess the garage door’s performance.

    We will test every part of your garage door, including the springs, cables, rollers, hardware, and opener.

    Testing the door will allow us to identify more problems related to the door’s operation.

    After diagnosing your garage door’s concerns, we’ll immediately begin the restoration and tune-up process.

    For the best commercial garage door maintenance, call Dallas Garage Door Tech.

    We have highly experienced technicians who can make your garage door as good as new.

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