Broken Garage Door Opener in Dallas

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    Broken Garage Door Opener in Dallas

    It’s easy to forget about checking on parts of the house, especially when they have been working fine since day one.

    Of course, there will come a time that a window gets stuck or the garage door motor stops working.

    It’s alright if you don’t really know what went wrong with the door; we are here to help with any broken garage door opener in Dallas.

    Back to the Basics

    It does help to get to know your garage door a little better.

    Here are a few facts regarding the function and other basics of a commercial garage door.

    1. Doors for garages can open and close vertically or horizontally.
    2. There are insulated ones for different types of climates and garage doors that are not insulated.
    3. If the door is insulated, its efficiency is determined by an R-value (a better one equals better-insulated spaces and vice versa.)
    4. Many doors are created from vinyl, wood, fiberglass, steel, PVC material, and aluminum.

    Parts and Pieces

    Garage doors aren’t as complicated as they seem.

    Commonly, they have similar parts that are easy to identify and check for issues.

    Door rollers are usually found on the side of the door and are wheel in shape.

    Whenever the door is closed or opened, the wheels should smoothly turn inside the tracks.

    For noisier doors, upgrading to nylon door rollers from galvanized steel will eliminate the loud mechanism.

    Springs are the vital piece to the entire counterweight system of garage doors.

    It is the puzzle piece that makes the door easy to use with one hand.

    The spring , commonly found at the top of the door, enables the door’s closing and opening operation.

    Lifting cables are attached to the spring or door springs.

    They are part of the system that backs up the spring to open and close doors.

    Hinges are found in between sections and pieces of a garage door.

    Doors are kept in place and allow sections to freely fold when doors are opened and closed.

    The best doors have more than one, which supports each section better.

    This means higher quality garage doors.

    Tracks are the metal pieces on the sides of a door.

    This is the pathway of a door whenever it is moved.

    Finally, the garage door opener, a motorized device that helps automate the closing and opening of a garage door.

    It comprises chains, a lifting arm, and a manual disconnect.

    Opener Won’t Open

    Contrary to popular belief, a broken garage door opener in Dallas is quite common.

    We’ll walk you through the most common problems and possible solutions.

    If none of the situations apply to you, give us a call immediately.

    The remote control or wall switch ceases to work.

    There is a chance that the motor unit is merely unplugged.

    Another possibility is that the breaker, fuse, or outlet has burned out.

    If any of these have tripped, reset the breaker or replace a burned-out fuse.

     No response to the remote and keypad.

    Simply get into a closer range of the antenna because a little distance will affect the signal.

    Also, make sure that the motor unit’s antenna is hanging towards the ground and undamaged.

    Otherwise, replace the batteries.

    The last resort is to reprogram the keypad or remote completely.

    More sensitive technology can lose customized programming and will need to be reset.

    The door won’t close completely.

    In this case, the close-limit switch will need some adjusting.

    Another solution is to readjust or realign the safety sensors near the bottom track.

    There may be fallen leaves or other debris blocking sensors that cause the door not to close all the way.

    Lastly, replacing or lubricating rollers could help.

    There may be instances where the door’s rollers are damaged or rusty.

    A silicone lubricant or replacing them altogether will help with the door’s ability to close properly.

    The door opens, but the motor still runs.

    This is a rare happening but commonly occurs during garage door installation.

    When the motor is still running, it means that the up-limit switch will need to be moved farther away from the motor unit.

    Call Us Anytime, and We’ll Come Help!

    If garage door maintenance is not for you, that’s where our expertise comes in.

    Services extend far beyond a broken garage door opener in Dallas.

    Contact the Dallas Garage Door Tech and get in touch with a representative now!

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